Real Women's Dress Code

Stylish women share their secrets to creating personalized wardrobes that work overtime.

By Zanna Roberts Rassi

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Zoe Buckman
Key Piece: Black Leather Pants

WHO: Robin Baum, 48, celebrity publicist
THE INVESTMENT: True Religion leather pants, $695 (
WHY IT'S WORTH IT: Black leather pants are no longer a statement piece, they're a wardrobe staple and can be worn as jeans, dressier pants, leggings — pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

On the Job
When one of your clients is Johnny Depp, you can get away with wearing a stenciled T-shirt to work. For the more corporate-minded, substitute the tee with an oxford-collar blouse.

Wear hair in a low, loose ponytail instead of a rigid, top-of-the-head bun.

Blazer, price upon request, Stella McCartney; (212) 255-1556. Top, price upon request, Hawk n Sparrow Custom Apparel by Lauryn Flynn; Shoes, $1,225, Christian Louboutin;

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