8 Celebrity Halloween Makeup Ideas from a Beauty Pro

Let's face it — sometimes celebrities' antics can be downright scary (Amanda Bynes freak-outs, anyone?). But when Halloween rolls around, certain celebs seem tailor-made for a costume, whether they're a shady character or not. The only hitch? You've got to get the makeup right. "When you feel such an affinity for a celebrity that you actually want to be them for a night, you'll use every tool, makeup, and technique possible — and POOF!" says celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow. Here's how.

By Anna Maltby

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Eamonn J McCabe/Capitol Records
Katy Perry
The California Gurl's look is all about an exaggerated, candy-coated version of old Hollywood glamour. Use bright pink shadow on the eyelid, with light brown shadow in the crease. Then grab your trusty liquid liner — start the line thinly at the inner corner, then fatten it up as you go out and make a dramatic point toward the end of the eyebrow. Add MAC vanilla shadow or concealer on the browbone to highlight it. Then fill in the brows with a brown eyebrow pencil in a classic arched shape. Use shimmer on your cheek bones and do a bold cherry lip. Or, you know, cherry Chapstick.
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