Quick Fix Cheat Sheet

By Fiorella Valdesolo

6. Deodorant Mark

No matter how fervently the label emphasizes its non-streaking ability, most deodorants leave a residue, particularly on dark clothing. In those instances, Gilt.com's Post reaches for baby wipes. "They always do the trick," she says. "Look for travel-size containers [available in most drugstores] so they fit in your purse."

7. Stuck Zipper

Don't panic and tug too hard on the fabric — that never ends well. Shopbop's Kanai suggests instead using a bar of soap: Rubbing it gently along the stuck zipper should do the trick.

8. Flat Hair

The quickest body booster is dry shampoo (try Naturia by René Furterer, $24). "Turn your head upside down and spray the scalp area with the product, brush through from root to end, then fluff," suggests Sean Davis of Manhattan salon Tosler Davis. "Flip hair back, style if necessary, and add a bit of hairspray."

9. Perfume Overload

If you've spritzed once too many — generally that means no more than one pump on each side of the neck and one on each wrist — Kilian Hennessy, founder of fragrance line By Kilian, says it's best to grab a washcloth and quickly wipe away excess scent from anywhere perfume was applied. If the scent remains intense, try an unscented soapy towel.

10. Clumpy Mascara

Avoid the issue by waiting for the first coat of mascara to dry before applying a second. Or, use a lash comb. "Start from the base of the lashes and wiggle through to the tips until they separate," suggests Uzo. If mascara has already completely dried, comb through with a wand that has been dipped in a capful of makeup remover. "Make sure it's oil-free; otherwise, additional emollients can interfere with the product's durability."

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