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Starting out with just a game-changing idea, a bulletproof business plan, or an electrifying design, these women are reinventing their industries and demolishing boys' clubs from the ranks of the military to Silicon Valley. They're all under 40, but those aren't stars in their eyes: They're planning a revolution.


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    Top Beauty Expert

    Alli Webb, 36, cofounder, Drybar

    Résumé: At 6, Webb watched, riveted, as her mom blowdried her hair. After working for guru John Sahag, in 2005, at 30, Webb launched a mobile blowout business and made a simple observation: Women who wanted cheap blowouts had nowhere to go. She teamed up with her brother, pooled their savings ($250,000), and opened Drybar, a blowout hair "bar" with music and cocktails, in L.A. in 2010. Clients flocked in. By the end of this year, revenue will exceed $7 million at Drybar's 13 locations.

    Background Check: "My parents had a chain of clothing stores in south Florida. I learned about customer service from them. Today, I follow unhappy customers out the door to fix things."

    Big Break: "When we opened, we had eight chairs, six stylists — and 70 clients. We were sending people away. For the next six months, I worked seven days a week."

    Business Perk: "I never shampoo at home. I get my hair blown out for free!"

    Peter Hapak
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