What Does A $500,000 Closet Look Like?

...And that's $500K without counting any of the clothes or accessories. From the editors at ELLE Decor.


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    If you were ever wondering how to throw the perfect party in a closet, this Houston area woman knows the secret: all it takes is a wonderful caterer, lots of champagne, a DJ ... oh, and a gigantic, three story, 3,000 square foot "she cave." Theresa Roemer's closet, recently added to her Woodlands home at a cost of about $500,000, is nothing short of amazing: a spiral staircase leads up through boutique style shelving showing off handbag upon handbag, jewels, perfume and shoes. The former Miss Texas United America's closet was featured in a new blog post by department store Neiman Marcus ... which theoretically could consider opening the giant closet as a new Woodlands retail department. "It started years ago when I had a closet party and all the girls came over and they said, 'I just wish it was bigger,'" That's when the glamorous fundraiser realized size was key after all, "Since then it's just been getting bigger and bigger and bigger, it's like a 'she cave'."

    This piece originally appeared in the Houston Chronicle.

    Via Houston Chronicle
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