MC Cheatsheet: Snooki to Be the Next Elizabeth Taylor?

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Elana: "This fashion critic isn't Snookin' to make friends with Jersey Shore's breakout star. She also finds a way to liken the Queen of the Guidettes to Elizabeth Taylor — what she lacks in old-school glamour, Snooks makes up for in fist-pumping skills." [New York Times]

Katie: "Store porn! Lanvin's new NYC flagship is so chic you'll want to wear the building." [BryanBoy]

Jihan: "The cultural references you probably missed from last night's Mad Men premiere, explained here." [The Awl]

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Sophia: "Polgamy could be bad — for men?" [Jezebel]

Anna: "Surprise, surprise: A federal judge ruled last week that Vitaminwater isn't, in fact, a secret fountain of health. Oh really? A sugary, neon-colored beverage won't help me get Jessica Biel's body? Shocking." [Consumerist]

Kate: "Joshua Jackson, if I had to choose between Comic-Con and Pacey-Con, I'd choose you every time. Dawson's Creek for life!" [Just Jared]

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