Your Halloween Party Playlist

99-CENT DJ Labor Day weekend: Back away from Rob Zombie and turn off the "Monster Mash." MC music guy Scott Frampton has your playlist for this year's Halloween party.

"Blow Away," A FINE FRENZY. Sprightly pop underscored by singer Alison Sudol's gutsy trill...what Coldplay might sound like if banged out by a calliope.

"Wonderful," GARY GO. Backed by shimmering guitars, this muslin-voiced crooner implores you to repeat Stuart Smalley mantras like, "I am wonderful." Just go with it..

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"Full Steam Ahead," DAVID GRAY FEATURING ANNIE LENNOX. Slow things down with a piano-driven duet designed to bookend rainy Sundays and "Where is this relationship going?" convos.

"Loaded," THE IDLE HANDS. A remember-when drinking anthem streaked with hard-rock guitar grandstanding.

"Heartaches by the Number," ROSANNE CASH FEATURING ELVIS COSTELLO. On an album devoted to covers of daddy Johnny's favorite country classics, this duet waltzes on frayed harmonies and '50s-era Nashville charm.

"Kiss With a Fist," FLORENCE + THE MACHINE. Thrashing guitars and throaty vocals trade punches in the feisty stateside debut of the U.K.'s It girl du jour.


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