What Is Life: Taylor Swift Performed "Smelly Cat" with Lisa Kudrow at Her Concert Last Night

Oh, and Selena Gomez and Justin Timberlake were also there.

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Taylor Swift closed out the final performance of her 1989 world tour the way only Taylor Swift can—with special appearances and performances by BFF Selena Gomez, newbie dad Justin Timberlake, and fictional character Phoebe Buffay. 

Yes. Correct. You are not misreading. Friends star Lisa Kudrow made an appearance as the beloved character—and then, because life is weird/great, settled in for a performance of "Smelly Cat."

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"She's only ever played in coffee houses before," Swift told the crowd before bringing Kudrow née Buffay on the stage. "She's never played in a big venue like this. Please make her feel welcome." 

Kudrow admitted last June that she had not performed that song since Friends ended. What better time than a Taylor Swift concert for a revival?

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But the singer didn't stop there (clearly). She also brought onto the stage Selena Gomez to perform "Good For You" ("She is beautiful and funny and sweet and talented and intelligent and one of my best friends") and Justin Timberlake to perform "Mirrors" ("I don't even know where to start because anyone who knows me knows this is my favorite artist"). 

Side note: Can we get an app with Taylor Swift-generated compliments ASAP? Anyway, check out the snaps:

Sisterhood. @selenagomez #1989TourLA

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Justin Timberlake. Mid-mic drop. #1989TourLA

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