In Which Gilmore Guys Dean and Jess Have an IRL Bromance, Take a Selfie


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Please see yourself out Rory Gilmore, because you are no longer needed. After years of tension and at least one fist-fight in which floppy hair and leather went flying, Dean Forester and Jess Mariano have finally set aside their differences. What's more, they appear to be in the midst of a beautiful bromance.

It all started when Dean (or as some people call him Jared Padalecki) was minding his own business doing an interview in anticipation of the upcoming Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix—and who should pop in to kiss him on the cheek? Jess, AKA Milo Ventimiglia.

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They're friends, it's beautiful, the end. Can't wait for these BFFs to ride off into the Stars Hollow sunset together!

*Cut to Logan sobbing in a corner, forever alone after being rejected by both Rory and now her boyfriends*

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