MC Cheatsheet: How to Stay Cool Today

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Anna: "Boring news: It's hot. Hilarious news: The Onion's take on keep-cool tips." [The Onion]

Katie: "Bedbugs just can't get enough cargo shorts. First Hollister, now an NYC Abercrombie and Fitch is infested." [The Cut]

Jihan: "Women who work for The Daily Show say Jon Stewart isn't a sexist employer after all." [The Frisky]

Lauren: "Huge — glamorizing obesity or pushing forward the debate? Megan McCain weighs in. (Sorry.)" [The Daily Beast]

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Kate: "If anyone has spent half a day roaming an IKEA, trying unsuccessfully to pronounce its names for dressers and nightstands, you'll appreciate these hilarious inspired-by-the-Swedish-furniture-store tribute sites." [ShelterPop]

Sophia: "I didn't know shorts could be so chic, but these leg-flaunting celebrities prove it. Plus, no chance a paparazzi will catch them off-guard leaving a car..." [Habitually Chic]

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