10 Eastern European Fashion Designers to Keep on Your Radar

Beware Paris, Milan, New York and London! A new generation of Ukrainian and Russian fashion designers are proving that the Soviet days of black-market blue jeans are behind them. Their innovative combination of western pop-culture and Slavic motif is putting Russia and Ukraine on the fashion map. We'd toss back a vodka shot for a post-Soviet fashion invasion any day.


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    Yasia Khomenko

    Country: Ukraine

    It was a folk story of a pragmatic princess told through technicolor dresses. “It’s for the girls who grew up on Disney films after the fall of the Soviet Union and now are women,” said Yasia Khomenko in Russian during a backstage interview in Kiev. She used childlike nuances — like polka dots and pattern clashes — but peasant evoking bodices gave the looks a sense of maturity. A geometric printed dress lets us know that this collection wasn’t all fantasy — Khomenko’s concepts could be easily translated into streetwear.

    Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days
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