Women have many best friends and the list often includes one that's cute, cuddly, and has four legs. Show some love to your little ones with cool gadgets with a pet twist.

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Keep track of your pet with this GPS location device. Attach it to their collar and set up the virtual force field around your house. If Clifford busts out, you'll receive a text message that will link to a Google-esque map which shows where your pet is hiding. Hint: This device may also help with fishy boyfriends.

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Hot and Cold Pet Bed
This bed is amazing! You can set it to either keep your pet warm or cool, depending on the time of year and your home's temp. Talk about pampering your pet!

Halo UV Vacuum

When your pet spends all day in the dirt, I bet he brings in all kinds of tiny friends when it's time to come in. EEEEWWW! This vacuum actually uses ultraviolet light to kill dust mites, fleas, viruses, and more.

Glo-Brite LED Collar
When you walk your dog at night with this collar and leash combo it looks like you're headed to a rave, which is a good thing. With this gadget, your pet (and you) will be extremely visible to drivers.

Cat Genie
I have a friend who is basically one of those stereotypical "cat ladies." She may never have kids, only lots of cats. That's cool with me because parenthood is not for everyone. Plus, I'm really impressed with her litter box! It's the most amazing litter box I've ever seen in my entire life. This box actually hooks up to her toilet and flushes away "deposits" so she never has to clean it – ever.

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Drinkwell Aqua Garden
If you've ever had a pet then you know fresh water is key to keeping any animal or reptile healthy. This unit not only does the whole "on demand" fresh water thing, but it also has an attachment that allows you to grow fresh wheat grass. Of course, this is perfect for cats, as the grass helps with their digestive systems. Plus, it adds a nice sense of nature to any pet's domain.

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Happy Dog Bubble Kitty Bubble Blowin' Cat Toy
This little gun shoots out cat nip scented bubbles that will make your kitty go nutty! What a great idea, huh?

Pooch IQ
Do you think your pooch is smarter than a fifth grader? Now you can prove it! This kit is comprised of toys and props that are used for play then assessed to determine your pet's brain power.

Hamster Harley
Yup, you can adjust this hog to either do doughnuts, cruise down the hallway, or just leave it in park to give your furry rodent a cool workout.

Sneak Peak! SunSpa
Is your pet acting bipolar? I'm not kidding. They may be in need of more light. This is a device geared towards giving pets the "sun time" they need to be happy, especially if they're cooped up inside all day.

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