The History of Those Bare Butt Jeans the Internet Is Freaking Out Over

🍑 to the max.

If you've somehow avoided the internet for the past few days, you will still probably know that Vetements and Levi's have made jeans that zip along the crotch...all the way from back to front, meaning that, if you wanted to, you could expose your backside for all the world to see. Original! Timely! But butt-less trousers have a cheeky past, which we explore below.

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These are Those Jeans. They are on sale now at MyTheresa for a cool $1,870, which is still a considerable investment if you want to do it for the 'gram but aren't an influencer, and even more of a considerable investment if you would like to not take 3.2 hours per bathroom trip. 


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The (baby got) back view.

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Now we go back into time to the OG ass-less pants, which is actually kind of a redundant term, given that chaps, by definition, do not have seats. It took a lot of iterations to go from utilitarian, apron-like leg coverings so you wouldn't get cut up riding through rough terrain to $2K jeans, but that's fashion for you. 


Here, we've got chaps as worn by followers of fetish/leather culture...

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Which then brings us to Alexander McQueen, who borrowed from the fringe—and plumbers who forgot to pull up their waistbands—to show these slashed trousers, and later, his infamous "bumsters." 


Skip ahead to Xtina, who wore chaps in her video for "Dirrty."

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Can I be XTINA forever đŸ˜©đŸ˜©

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And Kylie, who dressed up as Aguilera for Halloween.


A quick stop at Versace men's Fall 2014. 

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We arrive at Y/PROJECT, another painfully cool brand doing subversive things with denim, like these killer chaps-JNCOs-like hybrids and these daring pants, which spotlight the *reverse* side of your body without, somehow, being positively obscene. 


And these comparatively tame cutouts through which everybody can "I see London, I see France" you. But that play between exposing and concealing is the whole point—and it's hot. 

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