The Prettiest Plus-Size Lingerie

Say buh-bye to boring beige bras! Full-figured fashionista Nicolette Mason rounds up the most supportive bras and bottoms for every shape and size.


nicolette mason
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    Get Sexy

    There are few things I love more than shopping for lingerie. All that lace and silk appeals to the Liz Taylor in me. It wasn't always this way. Growing up, I went from flat-chested to double D before I turned 13. And unlike the frilly training bras girls my age were sporting, the full-figured brassieres I was forced to choose from came in just two styles: geriatric and mechanically engineered. You can't imagine how jealous I was watching my friends buy scandalous underthings with their allowances at Victoria's Secret while I spritzed its fragrances instead.

    Thankfully, the lingerie market for curvy women like me has undergone a revolution in recent years. Brands like Panache, Freya, and Wacoal have finally started to make sexy, flattering bras that don't skimp on support, whether you're a 34C or a 44HH. Too many women are wearing the same size they did in high school, which can't be right. Even minor weight gain or loss can affect your cup or band size. So if you haven't had a proper fitting recently, make it a priority! Not only will you be more comfortable, your clothes will fit better.

    I've rounded up the perfect sexy little numbers that will help you look and feel your most gorgeous. Some are pricey but totally worth the investment. Treat yourself. They'll last longer and hold stronger than the cheapies you might be tempted to settle for.

    Julia Chesky
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