Real Women's Dress Code

Stylish women share their secrets to creating personalized wardrobes that work overtime.


simone de la rue
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    Key Piece: Track Pants

    WHO: Simone de la Rue, 37, personal trainer and owner of Body by Simone
    THE INVESTMENT: Gucci track pants, $995 (
    WHY IT'S WORTH IT: Finally, workout pants you can truly wear all day! These silky pants are so comfortable, versatile, and on-trend: Wear them at the gym or dress them up with a special top or jacket, jewelry, and heels.

    After Work
    It seems counterintuitive, but high-performance gear with high-wattage shine is the perfect balance of casual and glamour. Look for tops that have the feel and cut of a sweatshirt but with star quality in a light-reflecting silver.

    Paint fingers and toes in scarlet for a hint of sex appeal. Strappy heels are a must.

    Top, price upon request, Reed Krakoff; (877) 733-3525. Shoes, $1,038, Brian Atwood;

    Zoe Buckman
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