10 Eastern European Fashion Designers to Keep on Your Radar

Beware Paris, Milan, New York and London! A new generation of Ukrainian and Russian fashion designers are proving that the Soviet days of black-market blue jeans are behind them. Their innovative combination of western pop-culture and Slavic motif is putting Russia and Ukraine on the fashion map. We'd toss back a vodka shot for a post-Soviet fashion invasion any day.


May 18, 2012 12:00 PM
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Courtesy of designer

Anna October

Country: Ukraine

In a collection inspired by the delicate precision of skating, the innovative designer used Luvvoile, a chameleon-like fabric that changes color according to its angle. The semi-transparent fabric was crafted into sleeves as well as shredded into skirts — its iridescence serving as a contrast to heavier fabrics, as well as a highlight to the white dresses.