10 Job Interview Beauty Tips

Landing a job these days is more competitive than ever – so don't let questionable beauty choices lower your chances of acing your interview! As a general rule, it's a great idea to dial down your everyday look just a bit. Try classic, sophisticated makeup and hairstyles instead of overtly sexy, aggressively trendy or bordering-on-gauche looks. (Tacky chic nails are cute for girls' night out — not so much when trying to charm a Deutsche Bank exec.). Here, our top ten tips for looking your professional best on the interview.


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    Smoking Hot

If you smoke, don't do it before the interview. Nothing's more of a turnoff for potential employers than a chick with smoke-scented hair. If you absolutely can't resist, please spritz on a hair fragrance afterwards. Oscar Blandi Protein di Jasmine Protein Mist ($19) is meant to restyle hair between shampoos, but we just love the irresistibly fresh, floriental scent.

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