15 Post-Vacation Beauty Treatments

Frolicking in waves and soaking up the sun on vacay is heaven for our moods, but tropical trips have the potential to wreak havoc on everything from our manes to manicures. To help bounce back post-trip, we tapped a trio of beauty professionals for their expert-rejuvenating tips.


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    Aging Skin

    We all know that ultraviolet rays can be a leading culprit in causing wrinkles, so it only makes sense to use a product specifically targeted to penetrate this pesky problem post-sun. That's where Sisley Sunleÿa Age Minimizing After-Sun Care ($235) comes in. Its hydrating properties zap away fine lines and it comes fully stocked with "Heat Shock Proteins," designed to wage war on later exposure. Bring it, sunny!

    Courtesy of Sunlëya
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