15 Post-Vacation Beauty Treatments

Frolicking in waves and soaking up the sun on vacay is heaven for our moods, but tropical trips have the potential to wreak havoc on everything from our manes to manicures. To help bounce back post-trip, we tapped a trio of beauty professionals for their expert-rejuvenating tips.


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    Uneven Tan Lines

    There's nothing that says, "I just got back from vacation," more than sunglass and bikini tan marks. And sure, you could grab any ol' tan spray to become "whole" again, but we found an instant bronzer that goes above and beyond. Bliss Spa's A Tan For All Seasons ($36) self-tanner contains pyrus malas fruit extract, an antioxidant, that Wechsler says disarms damaging free radicals, reduces wrinkles, and prevents future sun damage. In other words, it's a triple threat in a can.

    Courtesy of Bliss
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