15 Post-Vacation Beauty Treatments

Frolicking in waves and soaking up the sun on vacay is heaven for our moods, but tropical trips have the potential to wreak havoc on everything from our manes to manicures. To help bounce back post-trip, we tapped a trio of beauty professionals for their expert-rejuvenating tips.


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    Peeling Skin

    Even though redness has thankfully vanished, your skin might start to peel. Turns out, you don't necessarily have to wait for flaky skin to fade naturally. Instead, Wechsler says to dip inside a milk bath for 20 minutes. "The milk's lactic acid will weaken the glue that lets dead, ready-to-be-shed, cells stick to the skins surface — helping to smooth skin." Look for Laura Mercier's Body and Bath Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath ($40).

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