Travel Diary: Florence, Italy and the Gucci Flora Garden Collection

MC's Executive Beauty Editor traveled to Florence, Italy for the launch of Gucci's new fragrance collection, Flora Garden. She reports back on the five fresh scents, and the couture gowns designed to complement them.


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    The Scent of Gucci

    I arrive at the magnificent Four Seasons Firenze, surrounded by sprawling gardens, in the heart of town, and like so many architectural wonders in this Renaissance town, the structure possesses a storied past: Hardly a humble inn, it's actually a luxuriously restored palazzo — that's palace to us — and just so happens to be near both the Church of Santa Maria Novella and the pharmacy of the same name, purveyors of my absolute favorite soaps in the world. As I settle into my room, I decide I could really get used to this place.
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