Gold Medal Glam

These international Olympians are famous for going all out. Here, they take a rare time-out to talk beauty obsessions, diet secrets, and intense workouts.


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    Emily Seebohm, Swimmer (Australia)

    Twenty-year-old Seebohm won gold in Beijing and is a record-breaking champion in backstroke and the medley relay. She defeated Natalie Coughlin in the 100-meter backstroke to win gold at the 2010 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships, so game on!

    Training Schedule: I get up at 4:30 a.m. and train at the pool from 5 to 7:30, then I have breakfast and usually go to a midday sports massage, physiotherapy, or waxing appointment. Three days a week I'll have a strength-training session at the gym, and then I'm back at the pool from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m.

    Active R&R: When I'm home in Brisbane, I love to go to the beach. I take my dogs, Thunder and Storm, for walks, and I like to surf. I'm really not out of the water much.

    Smart Snacks: I like to have strawberry milk on hand, and I love dried apricots.

    Game Day Routine: Wearing a little bit of natural-looking makeup makes me feel comfortable and confident. I put on Napoleon Perdis Waterproof Mascara and a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen.

    Off-Duty Essentials: I wear tinted moisturizer by Mecca (an Australian brand), Nars Blush in Orgasm, and a beautiful nude Napoleon Perdis lipstick. For my hair, I always have my curling iron and flatiron with me. I use hairspray to keep my long waves intact and frizz-free.

    Skin Saviors: If I've been out or I've had a busy day, I just grab an Olay Makeup Remover wipe and swipe it over my face and go to bed. Because I'm in the pool so much, my skin gets really itchy and dry, so I moisturize as much as I can with Victoria's Secret Endless Love Body Lotion. And in Australia, we have Papaw ointment, which I use as a lip balm—you can also put it on cuts and scrapes or dry skin and cuticles.

    Perfume Pick-Me-Up: I really like Dolce & Gabbana The One. Every time I smell it, I'm like, "Ahhh, so good!" It's fresh but sexy.

    Smooth Moves: It doesn't do anything to help my athletic performance in the pool, but removing hair obviously looks better and feels smoother. I tried to do laser hair removal, but it hurt, so I went back to waxing under my arms. I shave my legs because that gets them the smoothest.

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