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Chanel Muses Throughout History

The fashion house's most memorable inspirations.

Blake Lively
Blake Lively Is Unrecognizable on Film Set
The actress plays a woman hell-bent on revenge after a family traged…
14 Times Celebs Shocked Us With New Hair & Makeup
If you think Taylor Swift is unrecognizable, wait until you see Gwen…
blake lively ryan reynolds
Blake Lively Trolls Ryan Reynolds for His BDay

The couple that roasts each other, stays together.

Blake Lively and Melania Trump Wore the Same Ralph Lauren Suit

Each woman styled the print of the season differently.

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Blake Lively on Why Her and Ryan Reynolds' Hollywood Marriage Just Works

"Because our job is so weird–we have to, you know, like be married to other people, and it's all so strange..."

Blake Lively in three of her looks
Blake Lively Is Wearing a Ton of Outfits in One Day Again

Another press tour, another fashion parade.

Blake Lively's New Movie Trailer
Blake Lively Looks So Different in This New 'All I See Is You' Trailer

Lively plays a blind woman who gets her vision back.

Blake Lively's Daughter James Is Already That Kind of Big Sister

"She does the thing where she’s just like, ‘Oh, I’m loving her so much, but I’m actually really harming her right now.’"

Blake Lively
Blake Lively: "It’s Important That Women Are Furious Right Now"

The actress discusses the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault accusations.

Here's What Changed Blake Lively's Mind About Onscreen Nudity

As part of "the performance that I’m most proud of."

Your Next Favorite Blake Lively Movie Finally Has a Trailer

'All I See Is You' opens in October.

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27 Insanely Juicy, Never-Before-Heard Details About 'Gossip Girl'

Blake Lively and Leighton Meester really weren't friends off set...

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Blake Lively's 20 Best Beauty Looks of All Time

Because 2005 Blake Lively was everything.

4 July Taylor Swift | ELLE UK
Is This Why Taylor Swift Skipped Her Celeb-Packed 4th of July Bash This Year?

Ugh, we had our "I <3 T.S" tank tops at the ready and everything.

Kylie Jenner Could Not Look More Bored by Ryan Reynolds at the Met Gala If She Tried

Well, at least Blake Lively still finds him funny.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Are Adorable Together at the 2017 Met Gala

Blake peacocks on the red carpet in a gold dress with a feather train.

Blake Lively Just Expertly Trolled Ryan Reynolds on Instagram

Pretty sure she learned this from Chrissy Teigen.

Watch Blake Lively Shut a Reporter Down for Asking About Fashion

"Are we really doing this? Would you ask a man that?"

Blake Lively Teases a 'Gossip Girl' Revival: "Never Say Never"

Headbands and limos at the ready!

Ryan Reynolds Played the Most Surprising Song While Blake Lively Was in Labor

Is the delivery room the best place for a slow jam? Ryan Reynolds thinks so.