7 Things Men Will Never Understand About PMS

We've got that time of the month down to a science: managing the mood swings, cramps, and bloating. We know exactly what to eat, what to wear, even how to sleep. Men, on the other hand, just don't get it and they probably never will.

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1. Period underwear. It may not look pretty but believe us, it's essential.

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2. We really do need to eat everything chocolate and salty in our path. It's not an excuse—it's a scientifically-proven side effect. Ok, so sometimes it's an excuse.

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3. Being a bitch is justified. We can't even imagine how a man would behave if the roles were reversed.

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4. Calendar reminders don't really help the situation. Yeah it's a monthly thing. Probably best to just internalize that rather than writing it down somewhere.

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5. Fancy sweatpants really are a thing. And they are the greatest. Just look at how great these Rick Owens sweats look with heels!

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6. No, we do not want to wear white and run on a beach, but thank you for the idea, tampon commercials. Although we know it's a pleasant thought for those in ignorant bliss.

7. It is totally acceptable to have a period song or movie. Actually, necessary.

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