1. Period underwear. It may not look pretty but believe us, it's essential.

2. We really do need to eat everything chocolate and salty in our path. It's not an excuse—it's a scientifically-proven side effect. Ok, so sometimes it's an excuse.

Photo Credit: thefrisy/tumblr.com

3. Being a bitch is justified. We can't even imagine how a man would behave if the roles were reversed.

4. Calendar reminders don't really help the situation. Yeah it's a monthly thing. Probably best to just internalize that rather than writing it down somewhere.

Photo Credit: Google play

5. Fancy sweatpants really are a thing. And they are the greatest. Just look at how great these Rick Owens sweats look with heels!

Photo Credit: Forward by Elyse Walker

6. No, we do not want to wear white and run on a beach, but thank you for the idea, tampon commercials. Although we know it's a pleasant thought for those in ignorant bliss.

7. It is totally acceptable to have a period song or movie. Actually, necessary.

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