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Khloe Kardashian May Have Split From French Montana
    This girl can't catch a break.

Beyoncé's Mom Refutes All Those Messy Divorce Rumors, Says Haters Gonna Hate
    Bey and Jay are just "perfect," she says.

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Passive Aggressive About Chris Martin's New Girlfriend
    In typical GOOP fashion, of course.

College Guys Think They're Held Too Accountable For Sexual Violence
    Because that's the real problem here.

Reading Fifty Shades Of Grey Is Not Good For You, Apparently
    Reading Fifty Shades Of Grey Is Not Good For You

Kim Kardashian Had a Wardrobe Malfunction Last Night

Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips Dishes On Collab With Miley Cyrus
    It's going to be "badass."

This is How Rihanna Does Office Clothes
    The rules don't apply to RiRi.

Zac Efron's Back On The Market
    Zac Efron's Back On The Market

David Yurman Unveils Venetian Quatrefoil Collection
    Beautiful baubles.

Project Runway Returns With An Uber Hard Challenge
    The designers seriously have to make it work tonight.

Game of Thrones Loving Couple Has Greatest Wedding Ever
    Game of Thrones-Loving Couple Has Greatest Wedding Ever

Now You Can Shop EVERY Item In Our September Issue
    The must-haves in fall fashion—at your fingertips.

We’re Holding an Open Casting Call for Models!
    If you've ever wanted to model for Marie Claire, now is your chance!

Bigger Wedding, Better Marriage, New Study Reveals
    Sometimes bigger is better.

The First Woman EVER Cinches The Top Prize In Mathematics
    A big win for women in STEM.

Rihanna Debuts Confusing New Accessory
    Not into this, RiRi.

For Women, Competition Is A Creativity Killer, New Study Finds
    If you're looking to increase productivity on your team, stay away from this method.

Muslim Fashionistas Put a Stylish Spin on the Hijab
    These aren’t your mother’s headscarves.

Sarah Jessica Parker Attends a Sex and the City Wedding IRL

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Perfectly Explains Why He's a Feminist
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt proudly stands by the f-word.

Katy Perry Will Have Her Pizza and Wear It Too
    You are what you eat.

Sad But True: Employers Less Likely To Hire Women Because They Could Get Pregnant
    Beyond frustrating.

A Huge Number Of Female Engineers Are Leaving the Industry
    And we all should know why.

Project Runway Goes Vintage and We're Into It
    Tune in tonight at 8/7 central.

Sheryl Sandberg Sets A New Goal For Facebook
    And it's got everything to do with gender diversity.

Robin Williams's On-Screen Daughter Writes Heartbreaking Tribute
    Robin Williams's On-Screen Daughter Writes Heartbreaking Tribute

The Biggest Game of Thrones Spoiler Yet
    We've known it all along.

This Website Was Made By High School Girls
    AOL paired with alumni from Girls Who Code to relaunch their pop culture site, Cambio

Iran Just Put a Restriction On Women's Fertility
    That's one way to control the population.

Heartbreak All Over Hollywood In The Wake of Robin Williams's Death
    The comedian was just 63 years old.

Anna Kendrick Has a New Man
    The girl appreciates Game of Thrones just as much as the rest of us.

Meet the Cotton Bride
    A new spin on a classic.

Brazilian Women Are Being Asked to Prove Their Virginity To Get a Job
    not a drill.

Game of Thrones Actor Dies Days Into Filming
    A sad start to season five.

Taylor Swift Looks Completely Different With Brown Hair
    Her most recent foray into the world of film.

Christina Hendricks Has Something to Say About Equal Pay
    Not so modern, after all.

Lady Gaga Makes a Surprise Appearance—At The Hospital
    She won't be "just dancing" anytime soon.

Project Runway Embraces #TBT With A '90s Challenge!
    Make it work tomorrow night.

Hasidic Rock Band Bans All Men From NYC Show
    The band says they’re simply upholding Jewish law.

American Apparel Debuts More Semi-Naked Ads [NSFW!]
    A whole lot of skin is shown to sell some clothes.

A Phone Case Fit For An Iron Throne
    Game of Thrones fans, you've got to get one of these.

The Kardashian Sisters Expand Their Ever-Growing Empire

Beyonce Will Perform and Receive MTV's Michael Jackson Award at the VMAs
    Bow down.

Stalked Student Speaks Out For The Right to Carry a Concealed Weapon
    Her restraining order against her stalker runs out this month.

Miley Cyrus Got a Strange New Tattoo
    Love yer brain.

New Game of Thrones Season Five Photos!
    Potential spoilers ahead.

Navigate Game of Thrones by Subway
    Now you can ride the rails in Westeros

Hillary Clinton Makes Hilarious Surprise Appearance on The Colbert Report
    Hillary! Hillary!

The NBA Is Finally Proving To Be Feminist-Minded
    First, a female executive director, and now, a female assistant coach.

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