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France Passes New Law Ensuring Equality for Women
    Living up to their motto: liberté, égalité, fraternité.

Woman Totally Put Married Man Who Cat-Called Her in His Place [VIDEO]
    Minnesota chicks are what?

This Is What Happens When You Grope Someone at a Beyoncé Concert
    You're going to get bitten.

Facebook Gives Women In Zambia Access To A Life Changing Connection
    Something to share.

Learning the Language of 'Game of Thrones' Just Got Easier
    Dothraki for dummies.

Kimye Partied With Celebs Galore in Ibiza This Weekend
    Justin, Naomi, Paris, oh my.

You Can Decide Which Laws Congress Should Pass for Women

Feel-Good Find: BeGood Clothing
    We're in love.

Miley Cyrus Loves This Gift from a Fan

Larry King Doesn't Get Anna Paquin's Simple Explanation of Bisexuality
    C'mon, Larry!

The Best Game of Thrones Selfie OF ALL TIME
    Feast your eyes

Fighting Words Between Kim Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon
    The drama continues.

This Is What Celebrities Look Like in Expensive Underwear

The First Into the Woods Trailer Makes Us Wish It Was Christmas Already
    Meryl Streep kicks in a door.

Beyoncé and Jay Z's Marriage May Be Over as Soon as Their Tour Ends

Former Game of Thrones Actress Has the Best Reaction to Being Recast
    Former Game of Thrones Actress Has the Best Reaction to Being Recast

Lights, Camera, Action: Project Runway Continues Tonight
    Fashion meets film.

Obama Says Putting A Woman On Money Is a "Pretty Good Idea"
    About time.

Hobby Lobby Employee Claims She Was Fired Because Of Pregnancy
    Another reason not to like Hobby Lobby.

Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Tells Women Not To Laugh in Public
    We're as confused as you are.

Instagram's Answer to Snapchat
    A whole new way to share your selfies

Newsflash: Dividing Housework Equally Won't Hurt Your Sex Life
    Washing the dishes after dinner won't keep men from getting some later that night.

Chelsea Handler Is Building Her Own "Clique of Power Women"
    And you're not invited.

Women Are Outpacing Men In Intelligence
    Who run the world? Girls.

Lea Michele Has a VERY Surprising New TV Role
    Go girl!

Lady Gaga is Hitting the Big Screen
    This is one star-studded cast.

Watch Hilary Duff's Comeback Music Video 'Chasing the Sun'
    A beachy jam that'll help you forget it's Monday.

You Can Now Create Your Own Emojis
    Dream come true.

The New The Hunger Games Trailer is Beyond Intense

Megan Fox Says a Lot of Girl Power Was Cut From Ninja Turtles
    Not cool.

Big 'Game of Thrones' News at Comic Con AND Best Blooper Reel Ever
    Is is season five yet?

Brace Yourself GOT Fans: Game of Thrones Emojis Are Coming!
    Brace Yourself GOT Fans: Game of Thrones Emoji Are Coming!

Christian Louboutin Launches a Nail Polish for $50 a Bottle
    The famous footwear designer launches nail polish.

Duo Turns Tables on Sexist 'Bro Country' Stereotypes in Hilarious Video
    Maddie & Tae didn’t pull any punches for their very first single.

Americans Want More Women in Government
    America Wants More Women in Government

UVA Students Watch Game of Thrones For a Grade
    College is coming.

Chris Pratt Should Probably Become a Hair Stylist Right Now
    He braids.

Watch the Official Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer
    IT'S HERE.

Lena Dunham Started an Epic Discussion About Birth Control
    Best tweets ever.

Janet Mock is Joining Marie Claire
    The tweets show the love.

Drop Everything: Project Runway is Coming Back
    Tune in this Thursday.

Hillary Clinton is Making Our Dreams Come True

This May Be the Best Game of Thrones Surprise, Ever
    This. Is. Perfection.

This Injustice in India Will Make Your Jaw Drop
    You're reading this right

Cory Monteith's Mom Opens Up About His Death for the First Time
    "We will love you and miss you always."

Nicole Scherzinger Re-Imagines 'Your Love' With An Acoustic Performance
    Watch Nicole Scherzinger perform an acoustic version of her song "Your Love."

The 2014 MTV Video Music Award Nominations Are Here!

It's Another Kind of Equal Pay Day
    Today is another kind of Equal Pay Day.

Selena Gomez Has an Inspiring Message
    Love yourself.

This App is About to Change the Way You Dream
    Prepare to over-analyze everything.

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