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Duo Turns Tables on Sexist 'Bro Country' Stereotypes in Hilarious Video
    Maddie & Tae didn’t pull any punches for their very first single.

Americans Want More Women in Government
    America Wants More Women in Government

UVA Students Watch Game of Thrones For a Grade
    College is coming.

Chris Pratt Should Probably Become a Hair Stylist Right Now
    He braids.

Watch the Official Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer
    IT'S HERE.

Lena Dunham Started an Epic Discussion About Birth Control
    Best tweets ever.

Janet Mock is Joining Marie Claire
    The tweets show the love.

Drop Everything: Project Runway is Coming Back
    Tune in this Thursday.

Hillary Clinton is Making Our Dreams Come True

This May Be the Best Game of Thrones Surprise, Ever
    This. Is. Perfection.

This Injustice in India Will Make Your Jaw Drop
    You're reading this right

Cory Monteith's Mom Opens Up About His Death for the First Time
    "We will love you and miss you always."

Nicole Scherzinger Re-Imagines 'Your Love' With An Acoustic Performance
    Watch Nicole Scherzinger perform an acoustic version of her song "Your Love."

The 2014 MTV Video Music Award Nominations Are Here!

It's Another Kind of Equal Pay Day
    Today is another kind of Equal Pay Day.

Selena Gomez Has an Inspiring Message
    Love yourself.

This App is About to Change the Way You Dream
    Prepare to over-analyze everything.

Combating The Supreme Court's Buffer Zone Ruling in Massachusetts
    Combating The Supreme Court's Buffer Zone Ruling in Massachusetts

Watch Dolce & Gabbana Models Hit On You... On Helium
    Watch Dolce & Gabbana models hit on you with helium.

Hillary Clinton Hints at Presidential Run on The Daily Show
    She likes oval offices.

Watch This Badass Woman Make American Ninja Warrior History

Icona Pop Has A Lot To Say About Miley Cyrus
    No worries, it's all good.

Turns Out Women Are Better CEOs Than Men
    #GirlBoss for the win.

Australian Women Have to Wait 75 Years for Equal Pay
    75 years until equal pay.

The Latest of the Missing Nigerian Schoolgirls

Is This The Way To Mandate Equal Pay?

Now You Can Shop the Colorful Mission For Good
    Get your patchwork on.

The 2014 Emmy Nominations Have Arrived!
    The 2014 Emmy Nominations have been announced, with Game of Thrones leading the pack.

There's a Pay Gap in the White House, Too
    There's more work to do.

The Latest Campus Sexual Assault Data is Concerning
    Something doesn't add up.

Emma Watson Named Goodwill Ambassador for U.N. Women
    She's going global.

Demi Lovato Defends Miley Cyrus
    "So power to her."

Robin Thicke's New Music Video Is Wedding-Themed
    Watch Robin Thicke's new wedding-themed music video for "Still Madly Crazy".

Epic Dissent to Hobby Lobby Ruling Gets Turned Into a Song
    With a few new lyrics to boot.

Nicki Minaj Had A Lot To Say In Her BET Award Acceptance Speech
    She throws shade, but also throws props.

What It Really Means to Fight Like a Girl
    P&G is trying to change the way we're thinking about a phrase you've heard all your life.

Getting An Abortion In Massachusetts Just Got Harder
    The Supreme Court struck down a law that will make a big difference for the women of Massachusetts

Finally, A New The Hunger Games Trailer Is Here
    You'll get chills.

The White House is Boosting Family Leave, State by State
    It's about time.

Rock The Vote Announced Some Major Goals
    It's getting a major relaunch.

Sam Smith Covered Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know"
    And he kills it.

Now You Can Be Best Friends With Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian posted a trailer today for her new game.

Look Who Else is Excited That Alyssa Mastromonaco is Joining Marie Claire
    This is big.

Obama Joked About Equal Pay
    But he has a point.

Starbucks is Offering Workers Free College Tuition
    The company is partnering with ASU.

Mila Kunis Gave an Amazing PSA On Men Saying "We're Pregnant"
    It's so powerful.

Chelsea Handler Revealed the Real Reason She's Leaving Her Talk Show
    She's done with celebs.

Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon Had a "Tight Pants" Dance-Off
    Obviously J-Lo wins.

Butter London Founder Gives an Awesome Commencement Speech
    Butter London Founder Gives an Awesome Commencement Speech

Meet the Woman Who Is About to be The Next Queen of Spain
    Meet the Woman Who Is About to be The Next Queen of Spain

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