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About That Marie Claire Tell-All Michelle Obama Interview You Read on The Onion
    So about that Marie Claire interview with Michelle Obama that you read about in the Onion.

Is Lorde's Smash Hit 'Royals' Racist?
    See what people are saying about racist lyrics in Lorde's hit song "Royals".

Louis C.K. Becomes This Editor's Nightmare
    Check out why an email from Louis C.K. drove our editor, Rasika Welankiwar, crazy!

Lady Gaga's New Music Video Is Independence Day Meets Country Western
    There's a lot happening in the video's three minutes, but what else would you expect from Mother Monster herself?

Accessories Director Kyle Anderson's Pick of the Day: Graff Recreates Iconic 'Hair & Jewel' Photograph
    Check out this multimillion dollar diamond encrusted accessory pick of the day!

Be a 'Red Hot Reporter' for an NFL Game in London!
    Social Media, London & Football? Sounds like a great combination! Virgin Atlantic is sending a lucky winner to London to report live from the October 27th San Francisco 49ers & Jacksonville Jaguars game.

Is Net-A-Porter up for Grabs Again?
    The UK-based e-commerce site and go-to for the stylish set may be sold again, industry insiders speculate.

Moda Operandi Debuts 'The One That Got Away' Love Story With Fashion Favorites

For the Love of Handbags
    When a book slides across your desk with a quilted Chanel bag on the cover, any fashion girl's first instinct is to open it up and see what else is inside.

Nordstrom Welcomes New Round of Pop-up Shops
    For all those with wanderlust and nowhere to go, never fear — Nordstrom is bringing France to the States.

Malala Yousafzai Releases I Am Malala, Leaves Jon Stewart Speechless (Get It Now: I Am Malala (Released Today))
    "I Am Malala" is a must-read, first-person account of her journey through global terrorism, her brave, encouraging parents, and her own fight for girls' education.

This Video of Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves Will Brighten Your Morning
    "Pharrell looks like a sewer rat."

Rihanna's Moving to NYC! Five Things She Should Do/See Immediately
    Check out how Rihanna is moving to NYC.

Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Fallon, The Roots Collaborate on Greatest Brady Bunch-Inspired Video Ever
    Check out Miley Cyrus' collaboration with The Roots and Jimmy Fallon.

Chelsea Clinton Opens Up About Baby Making Plans
    Check out what Chelsea Clinton has to say about plans for a baby.

Fashion Editor Jessica Minkoff's Newest Sweatshirt Obsession
    See why this Misha Nonoo sweatshirt is MC's Fashion Features Editor's new obsession.

Garage Rock Meets Chic Shades in VonZipper Fashion Film
    Check out this clip of these awesome VonZipper sunglasses.

Harry Winston's New Film is a Romantic Dream
    Get lost in the romantic world of Harry Winston.

Calling All Man Repeller Super Fans
    Check out Man Repeller when she speaks at Bloomingdales about Supergas.

How Attending a Career Panel with Mika Brzezinski Could Seriously Help Your Career
    The MSNBC anchor interrupted a career panel to put her money where her mouth is.

Twitter CEO Has No Excuse for Not Finding a Woman for the Board
    See why Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is under fire for not hiring women.

It's the Dramatic Part One of Project Runway's S12 Finale!
    In this sneak peek, one of our favorite designers gets a testy critique from Tim Gunn, who, as you'll see, has a serious moment of his own.

Colin McDowell's New Book Takes Us on a Chic Journey Through History
    Check out Colin McDowell's new book, History of Fashion.

Sienna Miller Top Knots It Out On The Red Carpet
    Check out Sienna Miller's hair.

Twitter CEO in Hot Water for Responding to Company Gender Balance Issues With Carrot Top Joke…Yes, We're Serious
    Needless to say, Costolo's followers weren't exactly the most enthused.

Kris and Bruce Jenner Confirm Separation, the Internet Yawns
    Kris and Bruce Jenner split.

'Orange Is The New Black' Castmembers Recreate 'Scandal' Scene — and It's Awesome
    The results, we assure you, are just fantastic.

From Food Stamps to Combatting Sex Trafficking
    Erin Giles' compelling story about her movement to end sex trafficking.

Hollywood Reveal: Two-time Academy Winner, Tom Hanks, Discloses Diagnosis on National Television
    Find out the latest about Tom Hanks and his Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

Pakistani Taliban on Malala: "She Is Not a Brave Girl."
    Malala's inspirational strength and wide-spread message of "education for all" has launched her as a favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Can Cheating Boost Your Mood?
    A new study reveals that sometimes, cheating can boost your mood.

Juicy Couture Debuts Baron Von Fancy Collaboration
    Juicy Couture debuts its Baron Von Fancy collaboration, which hits stores in January.

Beyoncé Owns 2014 with Her New Calendar
    Check out Beyonce's new 2014 calendar.

Olsen Twins' Fashion Empire Expands
    Check out how the Olsen twins are expanding their empire.

This Crazy 'Carrie' Prank Is FRIGHTENING
    With the expert help of Sony, the video uses a fake wall, remote-controlled tables and chairs, and spring-loaded books and artwork.

Lady Gaga Unveils Her Pop Art ARTPOP Cover (Lady Gaga Unveils Her Pop Art ARTPOP Cover)
    Lady Gaga’s new ARTPOP cover truly showcases pop art.

Lea Michele's 'Make You Feel My Love' Cover For Cory Monteith Glee Tribute Is Heartwrenching
    Lea Michele's 'Make You Feel My Love' cover for Glee's Cory Monteith tribute is heartwrenching.

Marc Jacobs and Beau Harry Louis Announce Breakup Over Instagram
    Instagram filters are used for multiple different reasons and now we can add dramatically announcing high-profile breakups to the list.

Female Alcohol Abuse Reaching 'Epidemic' Proportions
    Check out why female alcohol abuse is rising.

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Wedding Bells Set to Chime?
    Are wedding bells ringing for Prince Harry?

Topshop Welcomes Back Kate Moss for Spring 2014 Collection
    It’s all work and no play for model Kate Moss as she resumes her design collaboration with Topshop.

The Totally Counterintuitive Reason You Might Lose Arguments
    Learn about making eye contact.

Versace Collaborates with M.I.A. On Capsule Collection
    We never thought we’d see the day when a designer would copy her own counterfeit knockoffs. But now, we can!

The Pre-Ejaculation Drug Has Arrived, Making Adolescent Teens Everywhere Scream Silently With Joy
    This FDA-approved, over-the-counter spray reduces sensitivity (i.e. numbs the area) to allow for longer performance. Interesting

New York Girls, We've Got A Great Pre-Happy Hour Activity For You
    Beauty-obsessed New Yorkers unite! Actually, all New York girls unite. We’ve got the best pre-happy hour activity to share with you, and we know you’re going to love it.

Karl Lagerfeld Releases Polished Punk Collection with Net-a-Porter
    CHeck out Karl Lagerfeld's new punk collection with net-a-porter.

How to Get FREE Birth Control NOW
    Under Obamacare, the full range of FDA-approved prescription birth control methods must be covered by every insurance plan, and without a co-pay.

War of Words Between Miley and Sinead O'Connor Heats Up
    Check out what is happening between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O'Connor.

Kim Kardashian Shares New Picture of Baby North!
    Kim Kardashian posts a new picture of baby North West on Instagram!

The Excitment Continues With Hermes' Silk Knots App
    The excitement of the new Hermes Silk Bar hasn't worn off just yet thanks to their new app, Silk Knots.

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