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Five New Movies to See NOW!
    Going on a date or getting together with old friends? Check out one of these flicks that have recently hit theaters.

Having Sex in Texas? Why You Need to Care about the Governor's Race
    Women in Texas should pay close attention to a candidate who has such a resounding personal and political history.

Scott Lipps on His Blog-Turned-Book POPLIPPS: Plus One
    Scott Lipps, founder and CEO of One Management, is releasing POPLIPPS: Plus One the book version of his popular Tumblr POPPLIPS. The book features photos of Scott Lipps glamorous life and all the celebrities he gets to hang out with as CEO of a model

He Said WHAT?!
    Republican Congressman Todd Rokita mansplains the government shutdown, then insults CNN's Carol Costello.

On Tonight's Project Runway: No One Was Eliminated!
    This week, the remaining designers were interestingly enough asked to create looks that were inspired by butterflies.

Mend: Handmade Bags with a Story
    Meet the 22 women "on the Mend," improving life after war with these pretty goods.

Kerry Washington on Scandal Premiere: ‘The Goal is to Break Twitter’
    Kerry Washington and the cast of Scandal stops by the Apple Store in SoHo.

How Your Cell Phone Can Keep You Breast Cancer Free
    Check out how October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Gwyneth Paltrow Joins Instagram
    Check out how Gwyneth Paltrow joined instagram.

Celebrities Urge You to #GetCovered
    The government may be shutdown, but the Affordable Care Act is up and running and celebrities are pleading for people to #GetCovered.

Drink Milk? Why Women of All Ages Should Be Concerned About Osteoporosis
    Check out the benefits of milk.

Tweezer Happy With Tweezerman's Latest Goodies
    We're obsessed with Cara Delevingne's bushy brows as much as the next gal, but at the end of the day, most of us still need to shape and tame in some way.

Rihanna Makes It Rain in Her New Video 'Pour It Up'
    Leave it to Rihanna and her newest music video "Pour It up" to show Miley what tweaking really is.

Jennifer Lawrence Calls Out the Pressures of Dieting
    Check out what Jennifer Lawrence has to say about dieting pressures.

Miley Answers What Her Tongue Thing Is About in SNL Promo
    If Cyrus' episode is going to be remotely as self-aware as her promo, we should be in for a good night of television.

Britney Spears Whips Out Her News Music Video, "Work Bitch"
    Britney is back and we're loving it. She debuted her fierce video to her latest single "Work Bitch" Tuesday night on the CW.

Lily Collins Signs With Lancôme
    Check out how Lily Collins signed with Lancome as global ambassador.

Latest Teen Thinness Craze Is Quite Disturbing
    U.S. teens are now fixated on a new thinness trend: the thigh-gap.

Women Are Perpetuating Our Own Shopping Stereotypes
    Popular male terms, however, include "f—k," "xbox," and "himself."

Mindy Kaling Has Some Real Talk About Body Confidence
    "I always get asked, 'Where do you get your confidence?' I think people are well meaning, but it's pretty insulting."

Marc Jacobs Bids Farewell With Final Louis Vuitton Collection
    Marc Jacobs celebrates Paris and the women who inspire him in his final Louis Vuitton show.

A Side of Scarves, Please: MC Visits the Hermes Silk Bar Pop-Up
    Check out MC's trip to the Hermes Silk Bar Pop-Up in NYC.

Jen Kao Closes Ready-to-Wear Line
    Jen Kao closes her ready-to-wear line.

Hillary Clinton Talks "Unfinished Business"
    Read for details on Hillary Clinton's new initiative to close the global gender digital divide.

New Technology Helps Online Shoppers See Exact Fits Before They Order Clothes
    Check out how has created a new technology to help shoppers see the exact fit.

Saks OFF 5th Launches A New Online Store, and Everything Is 55% Off!
    Saks OFF 5th launches new discount website,

Is ‘Going Dutch’ the New Norm for Engagement Rings?
    See what women have to say about splitting the cost of their engagement rings.

French Faux Pas: Diana Movie Poster Appears at Tunnel Where Princess Died
    Diana film poster has been displayed at the tunnel where princess Diana died.

Is a 100-Percent Effective Breast Cancer Vaccine in the Works?
    "I think the potential is excellent. Let the vaccine speak for itself. As an expert, I know it has great potential."

Exclusive! Emmy Rossum Talks Project Runway
    This week, the remaining designers were interestingly enough asked to create looks that were inspired by butterflies.

NBC's The Blacklist Premieres with a Boone
    Check out Megan Boone of The Blacklist.

ICYMI: Hermione Granger Is a Feminist, At Least According to Emma Watson
    If anything, Ron would have taken Hermione's last name, no?

Eric Daman on Reinventing Carrie Bradshaw's Legendary Wardrobe for The Carrie Diaries
    We were lucky enough to snag a few minutes with the genius behind some of TV's most legendary costumes, Eric Daman, who just so happens to be reinventing Carrie's style for The Carrie Diaries.

Exclusive: Take A Peek at Rag & Bone's Gorgeous New Products
    Rag and Bone release royal blue accessories for fall.

Talented Boy Band Covers Katy Perry's "Roar"
    The return of the boy bands continues — and we may have a new favorite.

The Killers Release New Music Video For 'Shot at The Night'
    Check out The Killers new music 'Shot at The Night'.

Inside Fall's Sexiest New Show
    Check out the new fall show, Masters of Sex.

3 Halloween Candies That Are Actually Kind of Good for You
    We present: trick-or-treat fare with surprising health benefits.

"300 Sandwiches" Blogger Stands Up to Internet Critics
    Check out how the "300 Sandwiches" bloggers stands up to internet critics.

More than 100 Countries Sign On to Prevent Sexual Violence in Conflict
    Check out how more than 100 countries sign on to prevent sexual violence in conflict.

Hillary Clinton, Again, Brings the Fight for Women's Rights to the World Stage
    Check out how Hillary Clinton is fighting for women's rights.

Hm: Study Says Females Lose Self-Confidence in College
    Perhaps it's time we undergo an undergraduate reality check.

Sofia Vergara Chats About Her New Collection for Kmart
    Actress Sofia Vergara discusses her fall collection for Kmart.

Laugh Break: Jimmy and Justin Speak in #Hashtags
    Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake show just how ridiculous #hashtags are in their latest hysterial sketch.

Naked Justice: The Growing Movement to Crack Down on Revenge Porn
    Check out how people are cracking down on revenge porn.

15 Minutes with the One and Only Zac Posen
    Team got to spend 15 minutes chit-chatting with Zac Posen on all things Project Runway, Heidi Klum, and upping the ante for his second season as a Runway judge.

Project Runway Exclusives: Nerves, Prints & Peter Som!
    Get a double sneak-peek at this week's brand-new episode of Project Runway, including a healthy dose of prints and Peter Som.

Chelsea Clinton Moderates Panel on Female Entrepreneurship
    The night was full of female empowerment as Chelsea Clinton led a lively panel discussion on women’s international entrepreneurship.

Bono Can Do a Perfect Bill Clinton Impression and It's AMAZING
    Bono might as well add "Bill Clinton Impersonator" to his long and growing list of occupations.

The Isabel Marant for H&M Lookbook Leaked, and It's Good
    See the first looks from the upcoming Isabel Marant collection for H&M.

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