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In Interesting Business News: Apple Poaches Burberry's CEO
    It was just announced that Burberry's CEO Angela Ahrendts is to leave the British luxury brand for Apple.

Malala Yousafzai Releases I Am Malala, Leaves Jon Stewart Speechless (Get It Now: I Am Malala (Released Today))
    "I Am Malala" is a must-read, first-person account of her journey through global terrorism, her brave, encouraging parents, and her own fight for girls' education.

From Food Stamps to Combatting Sex Trafficking
    Erin Giles' compelling story about her movement to end sex trafficking.

Pakistani Taliban on Malala: "She Is Not a Brave Girl."
    Malala's inspirational strength and wide-spread message of "education for all" has launched her as a favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Having Sex in Texas? Why You Need to Care about the Governor's Race
    Women in Texas should pay close attention to a candidate who has such a resounding personal and political history.

Mend: Handmade Bags with a Story
    Meet the 22 women "on the Mend," improving life after war with these pretty goods.

Women Are Perpetuating Our Own Shopping Stereotypes
    Popular male terms, however, include "f—k," "xbox," and "himself."

Is a 100-Percent Effective Breast Cancer Vaccine in the Works?
    "I think the potential is excellent. Let the vaccine speak for itself. As an expert, I know it has great potential."

Chelsea Clinton Moderates Panel on Female Entrepreneurship
    The night was full of female empowerment as Chelsea Clinton led a lively panel discussion on women’s international entrepreneurship.

Go Ahead, Take a Mental Getaway
    Check out this mental escape to the treehouses at Chewton Glen in New Hampshire.

Superwoman Marissa Mayer Tops Fortune's "40 Under 40"
    And the numbers don't lie: Yahoo's stock is up 86% and the company has made 22 acquisitions (including Tumblr) since Mayer started in 2012.

Calvin Klein to Sponsor the First Save the Children Benefit Gala
    Mark your calendars, ladies, and prepare yourselves for a serious case of FOMO.

George Zimmerman's Wife Files for Divorce
    The reason? Living "like gypsies."

Gabby Giffords Greets Instagram
    The former congresswoman is giving curious minds a view into her life as she travels the country speaking out for greater gun control measures.

Q&A With One of Our Fave Non-Profits, Back on My Feet
    We spoke to Anne Mahlum about Back on My Feet (BoMF), an organization that uses running to create independence, confidence, and self-sufficiency among those those experiencing homelessness in 10 (soon to be 11!) cities.

According to Fox Expert, Women Should Pay More for Health Insurance Because They Have Breasts, Ovaries & the Uterus
    Your ridiculous Fox News shocker of the morning.

Celebrate Lisa Leslie as the 200th MAKER!
    Leslie's induction as the 200th maker coincides with this year's Women's Equality Day, the day in 1920 when the 19th Amendment officially granted American women the right to vote.

Please Meet: The 100 Best Websites For Women, 2013
    Prepare to get seriously sucked in by this ForbesWomen-approved list.

Cute Alert: The Official Royal Family Portraits Are Here
    The first official Royal Family portrait is here.

The Comprehensive MC Guide to the Unrest in Egypt
    We've laid out exactly what you need to know to once again confidently navigate the evening news.

Proof That America Is Naked Without Its Cellphone
    Nomophobia: a psychological syndrome in which a person is afraid of being out of mobile or cell phone contact.

Pick Up Your Record-Breaking September Issue of Marie Claire, Today!
    Fashion drives us forward, and there truly is no better place to explore the world of fall style than the pages of Marie Claire and our sister magazines, Elle and Harper's Bazaar.

Anthony Weiner: Hints at Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Bid
    In an interview with BuzzFeed yesterday, the scandalized NYC mayoral hopeful accidentally revealed some important intel. Oops!

How Does the Texas Abortion Debate Affect Women in Texas? We Asked an Expert
    We spoke to Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas, the Executive Director at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, to get an inside look at how the abortion bill will affect the women of Texas.

Christine Quinn Campaigns With Prominent Women's Rights Activist
    Already considered the NYC mayoral frontrunner, Christine Quinn is sure to get a feminist boost as she campaigns with activist Sandra Fluke.

FEMEN Tackles Radical Feminism... While Topless!
    Feminist group FEMEN makes headlines for their topless protests. But how effective are they?

In Which Chelsea Clinton Says She Wants a "Public Life" — Meaning Politics?
    Did Chels just admit to wanting to run for office?

Victory For Reproductive Rights in Ireland
    History is made in Ireland with the passing of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act into law.

5 Links We Love Today
    Check out what is buzzing for news on July 29.

Provide Nourishment to Hungry Women and Children in Syria
    Check out how you can help Syrian mothers and children caught in conflict with just a little flour and cooking oil.

5 Links We Love Today
    Check out what is buzzing for news on July 26.

The World's Newest Superhero: Burka Avenger
    New television series Burka Avenger tackles world issues in cartoon form.

Anthony Weiner's Wife Huma Does Her Best Hillary Clinton Impression
    Huma Adedin expressed this week that she stayed with her husband after he sexted "six to 10" women over an unknown period of time.

5 Links We Love Today
    Get your Thursday going with some of our favorite news bites, from the explanation of the Royal Baby George's name to the sad departure of Jason Sudekis from Saturday Night Live.

Breaking: Caroline Kennedy Chosen by Obama as U.S. Ambassador to Japan
    We're gushing: This attorney, philanthropist, best-selling author, and of course, former first daughter was nominated to strengthen the vital Asian ties with Japan.

One Step, One Option: Plan B Monopolizes OTC Pills
    With the FDA's approval, Plan B is now the only choice for the over-the-counter morning-after pill.

The World Gets Its First Glimpse of Baby Cambridge!
    Congrats to Will and Kate! They have a little prince!

Exclusive: Stella McCartney's Winter Campaign Teaser
    Check out Stella McCartney's Fall 2013 campaign teaser, exclusive to Marie Claire.

5 Links We Love Today
    The news you need to know for July 23, 2013.

Startling Statistics: A Woman Dies Every Two Hours in India From an Unsafe Abortion
    India's dire needs for safe, available contraceptives and sex education are far from being at an appropriately available level.

It's a Boy! Congrats, Will and Kate!
    Congrats to Will and Kate! They have a little prince!

Happy 165th Anniversary, Women's Rights Movement!
    165 years after the first Women's Rights Convention, a anniversary celebration is held where the movement started in Seneca Falls, New York.

Christy Turlington Steams for Calvin Klein Underwear
    The Christy Turlington may have modeled for Calvin Klein in 1988, and she hasn't aged a bit since her first campaign: The timeless model is posing for the Calvin Klein Underwear Fall campaign.

5 Links We Love Today
    From the official ending of the #GreatKateWait to a birth control parody for American Girl dolls (seriously...), here's what you need to read this morning to get your week started on a great note.

5 Things To Know Today
    Check out the morning blog round up for July 19th.

How Do You Shop? A Technology May Already Know...
    If you didn't like that shirt you picked off of the shopping rack, a surveillance camera may have captured your displeased facial expression.

We're Ready for a Woman President: Meet These Women
    Election watch 2016: EMILY's List has launched an ongoing project to highlight the many women leaders who could be spotted on the presidential ticket in 2016, 2020, and beyond.

New Marital Rights Bill Makes Men in Kenya Nervous
    In Kenya, men are getting nervous about marital rights granted to women in a new bill.

The International Abortion Debate Takes Chile
    Chile is facing international criticism regarding its strict abortion policy: An 11-year-old girl became pregnant after her stepfather repeatedly raped her.

Eliot Spitzer Describes Himself as a "Feminist"
    In addition to being a candidate for New York City comptroller, Eliot Spitzer is a feminist now.

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