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The Road to 2016: Hillary Clinton's New Memoir?
    Hill fans, rejoice! Hillary Clinton has confirmed plans to write another memoir — but could it lead to 2016 presidential campaign?

Obama Launches New Non-Profit, Organizing for Action
    President Obama has already kicked his second term into high gear with Friday's announcement of a new advocacy organization, Organizing for Action.

Roe v. Wade Turns 40
    Roe v. Wade turns 40 today, and we're recapping the landmark case's past, present, and future impact.

What We Couldn't Stop Talking About This Week
    Let's see what impressed and, in some cases, startled, MC most this week.

On Our Bookshelf: My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor
    Yesterday, Sotomayor released her highly anticipated memoir, My Beloved World, and we at MC are more than a little excited to add it to our lengthy reading list.

Hearst Magazines Announces First-Annual Hearst Fashion Hack
    Taking place on Feb. 9 and 10 during NYFW, more than 150 developers will compete in the first-annual Fashion Hack at the Hearst Tower to create fresh, fashion-focused apps and programs.

The British Monarchy's Progressive New Move
    Queen Elizabeth took a major step toward gender equality by allowing Kate Middleton's potential baby to be a princess.

Who Should Star as Hillary Clinton in Her Upcoming Biopic?
    Last Friday, news broke that a new screenplay based on the life of one Hillary Clinton is currently in development. Who's fit to play the outgoing secretary of state? Read on.

How Do You Feel About Banning Women from Combat?
    Brave women serve in every branch of the military, and go to war just like guys do — but technically, the military bans them from combat.

Avoiding the Fiscal Cliff: What Does It Mean for You?
    Now that the potentially dangerous fiscal cliff has been surpassed, it's time to look at what it really means and how its solutions affect you.

Is Your New Year's Resolution on Our List?
    We rounded up the most popular goals for a healthier, happier 2013.

Obama Nominates John Kerry for Secretary of State
    Announced earlier this afternoon, President Barack Obama nominated Mass. Senator John Kerry to be the next secretary of state.

How You Can Help Newtown and Sandy Hook Victim's Families
    Though you may be thousands of miles from Newtown, you would be surprised how easy it is to lending a helping hand to those affected by the tragedy. Find out how the you can support the community of Newtown.

World's Top Authors Compete in a Spelling Bee

How to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims
    A week ago, Hurricane Sandy was barely even mentioned on the hourly weather forecast, and now, the epic cyclone's damage is almost irreversible.

The Real Winner of Last Night's Debate? Martha Raddatz
    Last night, during a post-debate cocktail, I said it: "Martha for president."

Who Can (and Can't) Call Out Campaign Racism?
    In case you haven’t noticed, there’s been a good amount of racial animosity underlining this election season, and it’s been ramping up in the past few weeks.

The Myth of Miracle Obama: What Didn’t Happen During Last Night’s Debate
    Weighing in on Barack Obama's performance in the first debate.

Oops, Todd Akin Did It Again!
    Todd Akin opposes the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.

Todd Akin: Claire McCaskill was "much more ladylike" in 2006
    Todd Akin says Claire McCaskill was more ladylike in 2006

Advice for Rep. Todd Akin
    Rep. Todd Akin decided not to shut the whole thing down yesterday—he’s still running for Missouri Senate despite being almost universally panned for his nutso comments on rape and pregnancy, made in an August 19 interview.

The Evolution of the Political Celebrity
    They've been popping up a lot lately, at least for Democrats: emails from Barack Obama with the subject line, Dinner? Or a contrived plea from Jessica Alba, or an invitation from Sarah Jessica Parker.

Are the 47 Percent Really Obama Voters?
    Mitt Romney just insulted about half of Americans behind closed doors in a video that was only recently released.

Mitt Romney on Porn
    Mitt Romney may be publicly waving off social issues in favor of stump speeches on the economy and ill-advised missives on the Middle East, but he’s managed to find some time to meet with an anti-pornography group.

Gov. John Kasich: Our wives are "doing the laundry" while we're on the road
    Ohio governor John Kasich doesn’t exactly have a lady-friendly reputation.

2012: The Year the DNC Put Social Issues Front and Center
    Democrats didn’t shy away from these issues at all: Dozens of speakers, like Deval Patrick and Michelle Obama, mentioned LGBT equality over the past three days.

Bill Clinton Is That Ex-Boyfriend We Can't Stop Drunk-Texting
    It's hard to be opposed to Bill Clinton's amicable personality, diplomatic governing techniques, and, as seen last night at the DNC, his supreme speech-giving skills, but he has more adversaries than you might think.

The Economic Issue Missing from Prime Time
    Marie Claire hosted the EMILY's List panel on women and politics, and the conversation turned to topics not covered on the convention's national stage.

Michelle Obama: Working Mom-in-Chief
    Our political blogger discusses the ways in which the FLOTUS' DNC speech was more than a stroke of pure brilliance discussing motherhood, Barack-oli, and her husband's affinity for garbage-picking.

The Abortion Talk You Don't Hear on the RNC Stage
    Off-campus from the RNC, Michele Bachmann leads one of the few major anti-abortion conversations.

Not-So-Magic Mike: My Search for the Nonexistent Male Strip Clubs of Tampa
    My search for the nonexistent male strip clubs of Tampa

Susana Martinez: Vice President?
    The highly anticipated speech of last night was Paul Ryan's, and Condoleezza Rice brought the house down with a nod to civil rights, but the speaker who caught my attention was the governor of New Mexico, Susana Martinez.

Republican Delegates and the "War on Women"
    No phrase causes conservative and liberal ladies to talk past each other more than the war on women.

"I love you, women!!!!"
    Last night was billed as women’s night at the RNC, an event that came at the heels of a year rife with discussion about Planned Parenthood, access to birth control, and most recently, a stunning string of ignorant comments by Republican lawmaker

Hello from the Republican National Convention!
    Here we are in sunny (yes, sunny!) Tampa for the Republican National Conventions! I’m Nona, and I’ll Marie Claire's political blogger from now until the elections.

White House Urges More Student Loan Transparency
    Can uniform financial aid letters solve our student debt problem?

The Path to Justice on Indian Reservations
    New response teams are in place to fight rape on Native American reservations.

The Student Loan Diaries: Jacinta Lachelle
    In this weekly series, one Marie Claire reader shares her story of student debt, and what she's doing to get out of the hole.

Jessica Alba: Born to Help
    The March of Dimes' inaugural imbornto campaign wants to give children the means they need to live their dreams. Jessica Alba is a spokeswoman.

The Student Loan Diaries: Nile Marshall
    In this weekly series, one Marie Claire reader shares her story of student debt, and what she's doing to get out of the hole.

The Student Loan Diaries: Stephanie Alicia
    In the first of a weekly series, one Marie Claire reader shares her story of student debt, and what she's doing to get out of the hole.

Current Facebook Status: Organ Donor
    Thanks to the social network's partnership with Donate Life America, changing someone's life just got easier.

Mitt Romney vs. Women
    Women's issues are at the forefront this election cycle. Is Mitt the most anti-woman presidential candidate we've seen in a while?

Marie Claire's Honor Killings Story on 48 Hours
    You first read Noor Almaleki's heartbreaking story in Marie Claire. Saturday, CBS News will feature the story of her life, and honor killing on 48 Hours.

Is the Susan G. Komen Image Tarnished Forever?
    They reversed the Planned Parenthood decision but will they still get your money?

Your Guide to Miami's Art Basel
    Your guide to a fun-filled Art Basel weekend in Miami!

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