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The Pre-Ejaculation Drug Has Arrived, Making Adolescent Teens Everywhere Scream Silently With Joy
    This FDA-approved, over-the-counter spray reduces sensitivity (i.e. numbs the area) to allow for longer performance. Interesting

Does He Tweet About His Cat?
    If so, he's probably not date-worthy. Before you head out on that first hang, check his social networks.

Have YOU Ever Used Your Cell Phone During Sex?
    A July survey found that 20-percent of young adults are using their cell phones during sex. What's so important?

Sleeping with an Ex: Yes, No, Maybe So?
    Forget your rendezvous with a rebound — the answer to a bad breakup may be having sex with your ex.

Yes, NYTimes, College Women Can Have Sex Like Men
    The New York Times' most recent Sunday cover story describes a not-so revolutionary finding that college women are now having casual sex. Here's why this shouldn't be news.

5 Newest Dating Apps People Are Talking About
    These days, online dating hubs suddenly feel as old-fashioned as, say, talking to a potential love interest on the phone. Here's a handy guide to the brave new world of social network dating.

Happy "Lover's Day!" 5 Ways to Spark Up Your Relationship
    April 23 is Lover's Day, the day for you and your boo to ignite the fire that once blazed in your heart (and, let's be honest, your loins). In honor of this day, MC is giving you five sure-fire ways to pump up the spark in your relationship. T

How to Go on Better Dates in Your City
    According to this nationwide analysis, what works in New York might not be too enticing in, say, Seattle.

Vera Wang App Makes Wedding Planning Fun … for Everyone!
    The designer's brand-new iPad and iPhone app is free for a limited time.

Valentine's Day Date with The Vow
    Ralph Lauren Romance celebrates the premiere of the new Valentine's Day-friendly flick, The Vow.

How to Watch Sports With Your Man
    One conflict rears its ugly head in many men's lives: sports versus significant other. Here's how to deal with it.