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The Case for Taking Good-Vibe Vitamins
    Avoid the holiday blues by popping the essentials.

How to Get FREE Birth Control NOW
    Under Obamacare, the full range of FDA-approved prescription birth control methods must be covered by every insurance plan, and without a co-pay.

3 Halloween Candies That Are Actually Kind of Good for You
    We present: trick-or-treat fare with surprising health benefits.

Hm: Study Says Females Lose Self-Confidence in College
    Perhaps it's time we undergo an undergraduate reality check.

Slick Strategy
    Think all olive oils are the same? Think again.

Victims of "Bitchy Resting Face," You're Not Alone
    "Bitchy resting face" is no joke. And some women are taking drastic measures to fix it.

Your Voice: Raising Mental Health Awareness in a Super-Great Way
    The renowned Whisper App's latest venture is Your Voice, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about mental health on college campuses.

Dr. Lipman on the Evils of Gluten
    The man behind the Be Well cleanse explains the science behind the gluten-free craze, and the benefits giving up grains.

Milking It
    Dairy alternatives have cropped up faster than you can say "vegan cupcake." But are they healthier?

Get-Ahead Diet Guide
    Want to wow everyone at your next big presentation? Check out which foods will feed your brain and fuel those million-dollar ideas.

Eat-Anywhere Energy Snacks
    A busy schedule doesn't mean you can't eat healthy. These quick bites are guaranteed to satisfy.

Gym-Free Workout
    Superstar trainer Tracy Anderson chooses four slimming exercises that can be done in your office or hotel room for a pick-me-up after a long trip or meeting.

Eat Lots, Lose Weight
    A slimming cheat sheet on Volumetrics, the science-backed strategy that big-portion lovers swear by.