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Summer Shine Control
    Banish acne - and a shiny forehead - with these oil-controlling products.

Trend to Try: Color-Blocked Nails
    Take a cue from the fall runways, and test out color-blocking on your fingernails. After all, Beyonce tried it!

Multi-Purpose Summer Beauty Products
    These products do double-duty, protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays and spiffing up your face, lips, and nails.

Mask the Damage
    Fight off the hair-damaging summer sun and chlorine-filled pools with these restorative hair masks.

Happy Hands
    Paws get parched in the summer, too. Dara Adeeyo shares her favorite remedies, each of which also strengthens fingernails.

Underneath it All
    Summer heat means it's time to whip out the tank tops, but not before you make sure your underarms are in fighting shape.

Pretty Feet for Sandal Season
    With summer on its way, your feet are returning to the public eye. It's time to prep them for the warm weather.

The Perfect Lip Treatments
    Chapstick's good and well, but as Dara Adeeyo discovers, it doesn't hold a candle to these lip treatments.

Follow the Rainbow to Spring Nails
    For spring, Dara Adeeyo upped the clear nails and colored tip trends to feature lots of pretty hues at once.

Why You Should Cut Your Hair More Often
    We often hear that split ends are bad for hair, but why? In a quest to grow out her pixie cut, Dara Adeeyo finds out.

How Do You Maintain Your Eyebrows?
    Dara Adeeyo's tried waxing tweezing, going to professionals, and taking care of things at home. Finally, she's found a brow-care routine she likes.

How To Deal With Dry Hair
    Dara Adeeyo got lazy about her hair care, and ended up with brittle strands. Avoid the same fate with her shampoo and conditioner recommendations.

The Best Way to Remove Facial Hair at Home
    With summer coming, Dara Adeeyo faces a nagging question: What's the best way to send pesky facial hair packing?

Beauty Products Worth Splurging On
    Dara Adeeyo of Dark Berry Beauty believes for that the right beauty products, the splurge is worth it. Check out her picks for where to spend a little extra dough!

Spring Fever: Yellow Nails
    Dara Adeeyo of Dark Berry Beauty's favorite thing for spring is bright, yellow nail polish.

Try It: Nail Therapy
    Dara Adeeyo of Dark Berry Beauty paints her nails constantly. She reveals her secret for keeping them intact.

Trend I Love: Clear Nails and Colored Tips
    Dara Adeeyo of Dark Berry Beauty loves clear nails with colored tips. She tries them out in St. Patty's Day colors.

DIY Polka Dot Nails
    Dara Adeeyo of Dark Berry Beauty instructs you how to do polka dot nails at home.

Why My Juice Cleansed Failed
    Dara Adeeyo of Dark Berry Beauty reflects on why her juice cleanse didn't work out.

Would You Try Stiletto Nails?
    Dara Adeeyo of Dark Berry Beauty gets inspired by pop divas, and tries stiletto nails.

Trend to Try: Matching Lip and Nail Color
    Dara Adeeyo of Dark Berry Beauty finds out: can you make matching lips and nails work?