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The Intern Dress Confusion
    Interns: We love your energy, but be weary of making these office fashion blunders.

Repeating Outfits: A Fashion Challenge
    If Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, can wear the same dress twice in two weeks, what's stopping the rest of us?

My Desk Is My Second Closet
    Catherine keeps shoes, sweaters, and an arsenal of beauty products at her desk. What's in your emergency office stash?

How I Organize My Closet

    So many clothes and so little space - it's a common predicament around here. Catherine Hageman shares her system, and inquires about yours.

The Guilt of Buying Non-Work Clothes
    Catherine Hageman's so accustomed to investing in office-ready pieces that when it comes to play-clothes, she hardly knows what to do.

Navigating the Unspoken Office Dress Code
    What to wear on the first day of a new job is a major decision. Catherine Hageman explores the politics of office dress.

Summer Staples for Your Work Wardrobe
    It may be 90 degrees out, but you still have to go to the office. Stay comfortable and chic with these summer workwear essentials.

Work Clothes Worth the Splurge — and When to Save Your Money
    Catherine Hageman shares her best advice for when to splurge without guilt, and when to save your hard-earned cash.

Spicing up a Suit
    Suits may be a conservative basic, but with the right accents and accessories, they're anything but boring.

Mixing Patterns for Work
    Catherine Hageman's stretching her fashion limits, and that means taking on something scary: outfits full of patterns.

To Match or Not to Match?
    Catherine Hageman's never been a fan of matching color for color. But, the trend's return may have changed her mind.

Beauty Essentials for the Office
    Catherine Hageman believes in the motto, "always be prepared." Follow her lead, and stash these emergency fixer-uppers in your desk drawer.

Every Woman Needs a Statement Necklace
    Every wardrobe deserves an LBD, a white blouse, and a pencil skirt. Catherine Hageman adds a statement necklace to the list of fashion staples.

Still Searching for the Perfect Work-Bag
    Catherine Hageman asks a lot of her office-caryall, and thanks to her many demands, she's still searching for the right match. Can you help?

For Those Who Wear Only Black
    Catherine Hageman loves her LBD as much as the next girl, but believes it's high time to add some patterns and color to your wardrobe.

A Color to Try this Spring: Yellow
    Whether it's on a patterned pillow cover, a pair of flats or a coffee mug, Catherine Hageman's got a thing for yellow.

Easy Layers for Spring Days
    How do you dress for work when it's 30 in the morning and 60 in the afternoon? Layers, says Catherine Hageman.

The Case for Hose
    After years of disdain, Catherine Hageman, the voice behind Small Town, Big Wardrobe, gives pantyhose another shot.

The Perfect Confidence-Boosting Outfit
    For Catherine Hageman, the voice behind Small Town, Big Wardrobe, big-day outfits are classic with a twist.

Dressing Up Jeans for Work
    Catherine Hageman, the voice behind Small Town, Big Wardrobe, finds office-appropriate denim, and the accessories to match.

Do Comfortable Heels Really Exist?
    Catherine Hageman, the voice behind Small Town, Big Wardrobe, discusses her search for heels she can wear all day long.

The Lazy Day Outfit
    Catherine Hageman, the voice behind Small Town, Big Wardrobe reveals how to look put together when facing your closet feels like too much to bear.