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How To Land A Job At Microsoft
    How To Land A Job At Microsoft

What If There Was a Dictionary of Words Used Only to Describe Women?
    The Telegraph came up with a list of words only used to describe women.

Change Agents: 3 Women Who are OWNING their Future

How to Get a Product Design Job at Samsung
    If your passion is creating products we'll use tomorrow, then you'll want to find out who the hiring manager at Samsung is look for.

Climb the Corporate Ladder Overnight
    Khan Academy gives viewers the tools to master any subject.

How to Get a Job at Yelp
    When the hiring manager gives you advice, you listen.

6 Things Kris Jenner Wished She Knew In Her Twenties
    Kris Jenner knows a thing or two about building a brand.

10 Excuses For When You're Ducking Out Of The Office For An Interview
    It's a balancing act.

The Woman Behind Bollare: Alle Fister
    Marie Claire chats with Bollare founder Alle Fister about her journey, secrets to success, and interview tips.

How to Get a Job at Vevo
    If music is your passion, listen up.

10 Easy Ways You Can Be More Productive at Work
    And they're all at your desk.

How to Get a Job at Nascar
    Get your career on the fast track (pun intended).

Want a Job at Facebook?
    When the hiring manager gives you advice, you listen

8 Reasons Why Work Is Sometimes Just Like High School

10 Animals That Look Like People You Work With
    The ten animals that accurately depict your office coworkers.

How to Score a Job at ModCloth
    When the hiring manager gives you advice, you listen.

The 'Purpose Economy' Is Changing the Way New Businesses Are Created and Women Are Leading the Way
    Meet the women who are starting businesses with a mission for good in mind.

Signs That Our Culture is Ready For Change

Another Tech Company Says They Need To Work On Diversity
    Facebook is just the latest tech company to release their employee's demographic data—and there's something off.

These States Are Actually Doing Something About Equal Pay
    Change is good.

Science Club Isn’t Just for the Boys

How to Get a Job at Rent the Runway
    When the hiring manager gives you advice, you listen.

8 Secrets to Successful Self-Promotion and Building Your Own Brand
    A selfie-made millionaire isn't just a pipe dream anymore. Here are 8 tips to building your own brand.

10 Companies with the Best Work Perks Ever
    These top 10 perks may make you jealous.

How to Ask for Anything...And Get It
    Tips from some of the nation's best "talkers" — members of the network group New York Women in Communications on how to nail a big job or salary negotiation.

How to Score a Job at Birchbox
    The co-CEO of Birchbox shares with us her tips for landing a job at her company.

Can You Really Have It All?
    One woman shows us how she really can have it all...on her terms.

5 Ways to Work Better with Your Boss

10 Must-Do Tips To Ace Your First Job
    10 Must Do Tips To Ace Your First Job

How to Score a Job at Gansevoort Hotel Group
    The hiring manager for Hotel Gansevoort gave us her five tips for landing a job there.

The Best Countries for Women Around the World
    Where in the world is it best to be a woman?

6 Surprising Reasons You're Being Paid Less Than a Man
    We know women make 77 cents to a man's dollar—but blatant sexism isn't the only reason why.

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Fear Getting Fired
    I live in Manhattan and I don't think a day goes by where the majority of its city dwellers don’t fear getting fired. However this fear is not limited to our urban metropolis. Fear of being let go from our employer is universal and does not disc

Need a Job? The Best Industries For Working Women
    Not every woman is losing out when it comes to her paycheck—see what industries are headed towards eliminating the pay gap.

How the Pay Gap Affects You: Best States
    In the race to close the pay gap, find out which states are outshining the rest.

Moira Forbes on the Most Powerful Women in the World
    The definitive list of women who you should immediately consider your new role models.

Mind the Gap On Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder
    Why your company must take ownership to solve the disparity in wages between men and women.

Why You Should Forget Everything You Know About Job Hunting
    It's time to find your calling.

This Financial Expert Gives You Tips to Pay Off Your Debt
    Financial expert Elle Kaplan, CEP pf LexION Capital Management, offers advice on avoiding your own fiscal cliff.

Sites to Help You Deal with Student Debt
    These sites will help you pay off your student debt!

Act Now: Congress Could Ease Student Borrowers' Pain By Passing These Laws (Act Now: Congress Could Ease Student Borrowers' Pain By Passing These Laws)
    Get in touch with your local congressman.

Till Debt Do Us Part
    When you get married, any of your debt, including student loans, become a marital issue.

This Grad Makes a Case on Whether Law Careers Are Worth Six-Figure Debt
    One grab makes talks about whether or not recession proof degrees are worth six-figure debt.

How to Score a Job at Zappos
    When the hiring manager talks, you listen.

Generation Debt: Is College Really Worth It Anymore?
    Four women share their stories on how much student debt they have and how they are paying it off.

Going with Your Gut to Get a Promotion
    Here's a personal anecdote on what worked to get a promotion.

The Absolute Worst Way to Quit Your Job
    Here is an real life anecdote on the worst way to quit your job.

Did Jill Abramson's Firing From The New York Times Have Anything To Do With Complaints Over Equal Pay?
    The executive editor was abruptly fired.

Minnesota Governor Signs Equal Pay Bills into Law
    Here's why you should consider working in Minnesota.

How to Score a Job at Rue La La
    How you can work at the intersection of fashion and technology.

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