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How the Pay Gap Affects You: Best States
    In the race to close the pay gap, find out which states are outshining the rest.

Moira Forbes on the Most Powerful Women in the World
    The definitive list of women who you should immediately consider your new role models.

Mind the Gap On Your Way Up the Corporate Ladder
    Why your company must take ownership to solve the disparity in wages between men and women.

Why You Should Forget Everything You Know About Job Hunting
    It's time to find your calling.

This Financial Expert Gives You Tips to Pay Off Your Debt
    Financial expert Elle Kaplan, CEP pf LexION Capital Management, offers advice on avoiding your own fiscal cliff.

Sites to Help You Deal with Student Debt
    These sites will help you pay off your student debt!

Act Now: Congress Could Ease Student Borrowers' Pain By Passing These Laws (Act Now: Congress Could Ease Student Borrowers' Pain By Passing These Laws)
    Get in touch with your local congressman.

Till Debt Do Us Part
    When you get married, any of your debt, including student loans, become a marital issue.

This Grad Makes a Case on Whether Law Careers Are Worth Six-Figure Debt
    One grab makes talks about whether or not recession proof degrees are worth six-figure debt.

How to Score a Job at Zappos
    When the hiring manager talks, you listen.

Generation Debt: Is College Really Worth It Anymore?
    Four women share their stories on how much student debt they have and how they are paying it off.

Going with Your Gut to Get a Promotion
    Here's a personal anecdote on what worked to get a promotion.

The Absolute Worst Way to Quit Your Job
    Here is an real life anecdote on the worst way to quit your job.

Did Jill Abramson's Firing From The New York Times Have Anything To Do With Complaints Over Equal Pay?
    The executive editor was abruptly fired.

Minnesota Governor Signs Equal Pay Bills into Law
    Here's why you should consider working in Minnesota.

How to Score a Job at Rue La La
    How you can work at the intersection of fashion and technology.

Why We Need to Know Our Coworkers’ Salaries
    Or at least be protected when we ask about them.

Meet the Woman Suing Anheuser-Busch Over Equal Pay
    Meet the woman suing America's premiere brewery over gender-based salary discrimination.

Attention Grads: Here's How to Land a Job
    You’ve just finished the "four greatest years of your life." Now it’s time to focus on the four most-important words underlying any job search: "I can help you."

11 Things I Wish I'd Known About Work in My 20s (11 Things I Wish I'd Known About Work in My 20s)
    There are advantages to being older — and one of those is being smarter about the ways of the workplace.

10 Thoughts All Women Have During the Workday
    We've all thought these things at some point while in the office.

Thank You, Sandra Fluke, For Nailing What's At Stake With Equal Pay
    Thank you, Sandra Fluke, for telling it like it is.

The Women of Netflix are Upending Business as Usual in Hollywood
    How the original, wacky, and totally compelling Orange Is the New Black is changing the game in Hollywood. Bring it.

This One Sentence Boils Down Exactly How You Feel About Equal Pay
    Why isn't equal pay figured out?

The Best Career Advice Julia Louis-Dreyfus Ever Received
    The Emmy winner, who returns to HBO this month.

5 Snacks You Need at Your Desk Pages: 2 3 4 5 6
    Orange chip dust on your black skirt is not a new trend.

Why Young Women Should Care About Equal Pay Day
    Today is an important day.

10 Things You Never Want Your Coworkers To See You Do
    Stop grinding. Now.

How to Get a Job at
    We got you covered.

5 Ways to Make Fridays More Productive
    Easy tips to make the most out of your Friday so you can unplug over the weekend.

5 Reasons Taking a Lunch Is Important to Your Career
    In the course of a busy day one might forget to take a lunch break. Here's why those 60 minutes are as important as ever.

How to Get a Job at
    coring that first job out of college can be seriously tough. You need a top-notch resume, killer cover letter, and a network of well-connected friends (that you just don’t have). But stop stressing; we've got you covered! Follow these five simpl

Behind the New Documentary, The Empowerment Project
    This documentary features women with inspiring careers.

When the Boss is FLOTUS
    The newest member of Michelle Obama's inner circle is 39-year-old communications director Maria Cristina "MC" González Noguera. Here, she reveals her unlikely path to the White House

Inventor Kavita Shukla's Big Idea
    One woman, one genius idea.

Office Etiquette: Can You Date a Coworker?
    A step-by-step guide to when you nail the hottie one cube over.

5 Easy Ways to Get a Raise at Work
    Hang in there, baby!

So...I Cried at Work
    So...I cried at work. Don't judge.

12 Job Facts Every College Grad Should Know
    The list every twentysomething should read.

Extreme Cubicle Makeover: 17 Desk Accessories That Will Brighten Your Days
    Spruce up your desk area in minutes with these cool products so it can feel more like home sweet home all the time.

Why 20-Somethings Shouldn't Stress About Picking a Career
    Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? Neither did these women.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Play Hooky at Work
    Chances are your timing will give everything away.

10 Things I Learned From My First Job
    Advice for getting through your first job.

5 Tips to Surviving a Terrible Manager
    You can do it!

Janelle Monáe: The Passionista
    Who says you nee to toil away at a desk job to make it to the top?

The Irrational Fear that's Keeping You from Your Next Raise
    It's all about one small but crucial step.

A News Reporter's Hidden Source of Inspiration
    Find out how this network news reporter turns her college football obsession into the best career advice.

10 Steps to Starting Your Own Business
    Check out these 10 easy steps to starting your own business.

Set Goals, Exceed Expectations
    Check out our interview with skydiver Amy Chmelecki.

7 Tips to Negotiating Your First Job
    Check out these perks if more money isn't offered.

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