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Why Men Break Up With You Around the Holidays
    You’re in a relationship, then right before you sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, your boyfriend says, 'We need to talk.'

15 Celebrity Breakup Quotes to Mend Your Shattered Heart (How to Survive a Breakup Like Marilyn Monroe) Pages: 2 (How to Survive a Breakup Like Marilyn Monroe) 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Might we suggest taking some sage moving on advice from the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Cher, and, hell yes, Miley Cyrus?

20 Crazy Thoughts Everyone Has Before a First Date

15 Relationship Things Guys Don't Care About

Sorry, Regina George: Mean Girls Are Seen as Less Attractive
    A new study proves that inner beauty is actually real.

20 Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend

Man Gets Last Laugh on Cheating Ex on Twitter

10 Texts Every Guy Sends

Till Careers Do Us Part
    A new generation of smart, accomplished women is learning the hard way that just because a man says he's enamored by a successful woman doesn't mean he actually wants one.

Good Vibrations: The History of the Sex Toy Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    The storied history of those toys in your nightstand drawer.

Why So Solo?
    If this is what it means to be on our own, sign us up.

Sextual Chemistry
    Would ​one writer's marathon texting relationship ever turn into a romance IRL?

Science Says Breakups Suck More for Women

I Lost 180 Pounds and Became a Man-Eater
    How I went from binge-eating to binge-dating

Hallelujah! Feminist Dating App Siren Hands the Reins to Women
    Meet Siren, the feminist dating app that puts women in the driver's seat.

Download Luxy, Never Date Anyone Who Makes Less than $200K Again
    Meet Luxy, a dating app strictly for wealthy people.

This Is How You Should Break Up with Him
    This is how you should break up with him.

6 Things You Should Know About Dating by the Time You’re 30
    Here are six things you should know about dating before you hit 30.

20 Sexcapades Every Woman Should Try
    Every woman should have these 20 sexcapades at least once.

There’s a Website That’ll Be the Real Girl to Your Lars
    There's a website that will create a fake boyfriend for you. Really.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do Except in China

6 Things Men Learned from Cheating
    What men who cheated learned from what they did.

12 Lessons Guys Have Learned from Being Married
    Our guy expert, Lodro Rinzler, reached out to a plethora of men to find the most valuable lessons guys learn from getting hitched.

15 Things You're Overanalyzing in Your Relationship
    You are making it more complicated when it doesn't have to be. There's no need to sit for hours discussing the possible outcomes with your girlfriends--just tell him how you feel.

10 Things I Learned from Getting Divorced
    One woman's truths and triumphs as she overcame a divorce.

The New Mile-High Club: Married Couples Who Live Apart
    When Jessica Coen got engaged to her long-distance boyfriend in Chicago, she planned to keep working at her New York office job and become one of 3.5 million Americans living apart from a spouse. But how long could she sustain the 733-mile commute

The Signs You And Your Summer Fling Are Ready To Be A Real Thing
    How to tell if you're ready to take the next step.

We Had Sex for 10 Days Straight
    One couple tests out if having sex for 10 days in a row is good for the relationship

12 Things No One Wants to Hear After They’ve Been Dumped
    Think before you speak.

12 Unspoken Rules About Sex

7 Uncommon Romantic Gestures That He’ll Love
    Men are decidedly simple creatures.

5 Things Guys Learn from Their First Love
    Our dating expert reveals love lessons learned from a guy’s first real relationship and how you can address challenges in yours as a result.

6 Ways You Will Be the Best Sex He's Ever Had
    Each week our guy expert, Lodro Rinzler, investigates the nitty-gritty corners of the male sexual psyche to find the ways for you and your man to have the best sex ever. This week he sat down with Jack, Al, Ivan, and a few other guys to get the goods

7 Moments Guys Knew They Were in Love
    Our guy expert, Lodro Rinzler, reached out to seven guys to ask them at what moment exactly they knew they were in love with their significant other. Here's what they had to say:

9 Real Reasons Why You're Not Having Sex Tonight

10 Qualities a Guy Looks for When You First Meet Him
    I polled a variety of men on what qualities they look for when they first meet a woman. Here’s the goods:

The Millennial's New Marriage Concept
    It's not grandma's world anymore.

6 Things Guys Think When They See You Naked
    You're your own worst critic because he thinks you're hot.

5 Ways You'll Never Have Boring Sex Again
    Your long-term relationship just hugged and kissed you.

Why We Didn't Share Our Number

10 Things to Know Before You Move in Together

The Death of the Blind Date

The 6 Types of Friends Every Guy Has (And How to Handle Them)

The 10 Worst Ways to Breakup With Someone
    As told by GIFs from The Hills.

7 Reasons to Have More Sex
    Science says to, after all.

8 Things He's Thinking But Won't Say Out Loud
    Our guy expert Lodro Rinzler tells us what's really going in a man's mind.

7 Things He's Hiding on His Dating Profile
    Our guy expert Lodro Rinzler tells you what to watch out for before you swipe right.

The Accidental Threesome
    She'd been nursing a breakup for months. Perhaps an unexpected, out-of-character, one-night adventure with her seductive best friend—and her best friend's ex—was just what she needed.

How to Be The Best Sex He's Ever Had

How to Survive a Breakup with a Non-Boyfriend

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