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The Marie Claire guide to your sex life, your love life, relationships and everything in between.

Which Couple Do You Choose?
    Which couple should go on a live first date?

Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Dorothy Parker Style
    Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Dorothy Parker Style, by mixing up a cocktail (or two). Check out for more lifestyle news and features.

Single on Valentine's Day? So Is Everyone Else
    Check out how the majority of people are single on Valentine's Day.

10 Reasons Why it Sucks to Have Your Birthday on Valentine’s Day
    Here are 10 reasons why it sucks to have your birthday on Valentine's Day. It's not just MY day, but every girl's day.

The Height Debate: Do Men Prefer Taller or Shorter Women?
    The stereotype that women prefer tall men—or at least, taller than she is—is no secret. The answer is just as simple for men, but in different way.

The 12 Stages of Valentine's Day, By Age
    Don't you miss the days of getting 26 Valentines from your classmates?

Why Men Cheat—Guys Tell All!
    The dish you're dying to hear—why do men cheat?

Marie Claire Presents: The Love Match!
    Help us match our three couples with their soul mates!

Do You Have a Healthy Sex Life?
    Healthy Sex Life

Social Media is Ruining Your Relationship (In Real Time)
    Check out how social media is ruining your relationship.

How One Author Found Her Happily Ever After
    How one author found her happily ever after.

32 Ways To Please a Woman
    Our guide to keeping your girl happy and your relationship healthy.

You're Not Going to Find Love With That Dating Checklist
    Why you should rethink your needs in a relationship.

Why Is College Dating So Screwed Up?
    In a digital world, things are getting a lot trickier.

Foods to Avoid on a Date (If You’re Planning to Hook Up Later)
    Foods not to eat on a date.

What Is He Really Saying?
    Having reading between the lines of your man's latest message? Relax! Marie Claire is here to help you decipher his wishy-washy words.

30 Signs You've Been in Your Relationship For a Ridiculously Long Time
    What happens when you get a little too comfortable in your relationship.

Dumped Recently? You're Probably Going to Have Revenge Sex

A Vibrating Alarm Clock? You're Officially Going to be a Morning Person!
    Wake up feeling rejuvenated with this vibrating alarm clock.

ICYMI: Men Forget Important Things
    Check out how men forget things.

Meet the 'Male Carrie Bradshaw'
    Daniel Jones, editor of The New York Times' popular column Modern Love and author of Love Illuminated: Exploring Life’s Most Mystifying Subject (With the Help of 50,000 Strangers), talks unpublished submissions and gives a peek into his own mode

23 Questions Every Twentysomething Asks Herself Once (23 Questions Every Twentysomething Asks Herself Once)
    Should I be online dating? How often do I change my sheets? Should I get bangs?

The Best Cities for Single Girls Pages: 2 3 4 5 6
    We've crunched the numbers on some critical stats—like ratio of men to women (natch!)—to find five great places to be a single lady right now.

Breaking the Trust: Snooping on Your Guy
    We discuss how and when it's okay to snoop on your man.

10 Friends To Lose In Your Twenties (10 Friends To Lose In Your Twenties)
    Ideally, we shouldn't be friends with 96% of the people who knew us when we showered in Pink Sugar.

No Place Like Home: What Single Women's Bedrooms Look Like All Over the World
    Marie Claire photographed single women around the world—from a hipster in China to a hip-hop aficionado in Greece—in their bedrooms. See how their private spaces reflect their personal style and passions. Photographs by River Boom.

Deciphering His Text Messages, One Vague Message at a Time
    Deciphering his awkward texts, one vague message at a time.

Ooooh, Ahhhh: The History of the Condom
    Check out where condoms come from.

When Do Guys Expect Sex?
    Check out our thoughts on if you should sleep with a guy and when they expect sex.

Single Girl's Guide: How to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
    Before Cheryl Strayed's Wild launched countless trekking quests, Abby Ellin conquered her own peak.

Single Girl's Guide: How To Build Your Own House
    Instead of just buying a home, at 24, Jessica Gilmore picked up a hammer

Single Girl's Guide: How to Travel The World
    Camille Willemain used to be scared to have a meal by herself. Now she spends her days globe-trotting.

Single Girl's Guide: How to Start Over
    Hoping for a drastic change, Sophie Schulte-Hillen relocated 4,000 miles away

Flying Solo
    Ann Friedman went "deep single" after a big breakup and loves her newfound freedom

Single Girl's Guide: How To Drive Cross-Country
    You don't need a road-trip buddy: Sarah Tomlinson on the joy of hitting the road alone

Single Girl's Guide: How to Meditate for a Month
    Whitney Joiner found that looking inward is about strength, not self-indulgence.

What Does It Cost to be Single These Days? Pages: 2 3 4
    Blowing that hard-earned paycheck on shoes and cocktails? Saving for a down payment? Best part of being single: The money—and the decisions—are yours.

Single Girl's Guide: Choose Your Own Adventure! Pages: 2 3 4 5 6
    You have more time to spend on you when you're by yourself. Why not take advantage of it? Six women on their brave, risky, I-can't-believe-you-did-that-alone feats

How to Actually Be Friends With Your Ex
    The best ways to stay friends with an ex-partner.

Back in the Game
    One divorce and 12 years later, one writer entered the dating scene—clueless.

Tinder Dos and Don'ts: Five Tips That Will Make Him Swipe Right
    Do include an opening line, don't get all weepy with a deep quote.

24 Stages Of 'True Love,' As Written By Second Graders (24 Stages Of 'True Love,' As Written By Second Graders)
    Stage #1: "First you stare at the person"

10 Signs You Can Do Better
    If he's a jerk to your family and doesn't tell you he loves you, it's probably time to move on.

The 10 Most Annoying Things Married People Do On Facebook (The 10 Most Annoying Things Married People Do On Facebook)
    In less than nine months, I'll be a newlywed. And because major milestones, like marriage, can cause people (okay, me) to get a little cray-cray with the social media...

The Most Annoying Things Engaged Couples Do (The Most Annoying Things Engaged Couples Do)
    To compliment the slew of Facebook engagements we've been seeing lately, here are some helpful guidelines for the newly betrothed.

15 Reasons You Should Hang Up Your Booty Call
    It's been fun but here's why you should ditch your friend with benefits.

25 Signs He's Cheating On You (25 Signs He's Cheating On You)
    If any of these signs sound familiar, your partner might be cheating on you.

A Novice's Guide to the Most Important Day in Online Dating
    How to score a boyfriend on the Internet.

Deciphering His Vague, Confusing, Off-Putting and Totally Awkward Text Messages
    Our dating guru tells you what to respond to his vague, awkward, and totally confusing texts.

What Does Your Number Mean to Him?
    When is it the right time to have that conversation?

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