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The Marie Claire guide to your sex life, your love life, relationships and everything in between.

My Big Fake Wedding
    Several couples decide to have a shadow wedding in front of a small group of friends to air dirty laundry before getting married.

Why Men Think They Deserve Sex from Women
    Our culture has given men the okay to expect sex. And here's why.

9 Things You Never Knew About Your Sexual Health (9 Things You Never Knew About Your Sexual Health)
    What's free, what's not, and what you need to get checked for.

12 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Last Heartbreak (12 Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Last Heartbreak)
    #BLESSED. Just kidding, this shit's awful, but look on the bright side(s).

Here’s Where Most People are Sexually Satisfied...But *Why* Is Surprising
    The country leading the most sexually satisfied partners is Mexico, but why will shock you.

10 Signs It's Not a Date (10 Signs It's Not a Date)
    Because sometimes it’s just not obvious.

Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?
    This personal account of two men who cheated vowed to never do it again...and here's why.

The Four Skills Every Badass Single Girl Needs To Know
    Prep for a season of road trips, nature escapades, and alfresco drinking by mastering these simple "survival" skills.

My Self-Made Man
    When Marisa Carroll met an intriguing new guy at her local coffee shop, she had no idea that his life-changing journey would become hers, too.

The 14 Worst First Date Ideas Ever (The 14 Worst First Date Ideas Ever)
    Not your comedy show, not your comedy show, please God not your comedy show.

13 Signs He's Never Going To Commit (13 Signs He's Never Going To Commit)
    Why haven't you seen him in the daylight? Because he's a vampire?

10 Lies Guys Tell
    You've definitely heard one of these before.

Are Contracts the Key to Long-Term Relationships?
    If your live-in relationship could use a little work, should you spell out your equirements in legal language?

Why You Haven't Met Him Yet
    Follow these three foolproof steps to finding the right love for you.

12 Best Love Quotes Of All Time (12 Best Love Quotes Of All Time)
    12 best love quotes of all time with pictures.

Free Birth Control Under Fire
    A supreme court case could limit a key benefit for women under the Affordable Care Act.

7 Wedding Traditions That Need to Die (Why the Bouquet Toss Is
So Last Century)

    A recent poll showed that more women are changing their last names after getting hitched, and I plan on following the crowd after I get married next summer. But there are a ton of other outdated traditions that my man and I need to figure out about b

The 10 Most Romantic On-Screen Kisses
    The best on-screen kisses from our favorite movies.

Do or Don't: The Dating Prenup
    In today's ever-complicated world of dating, are prenups necessary pre-marriage?

10 Things You Should Never Say About Your Ex
    You're upset. Either you ended things, or he did. But, there are just some things you should never say about your matter what.

13 Things To Never Say On a First Date
    The things you should avoid talking about for a while.

How to Know When It's Time to Break Up
    Yes, it will be tragic, but it's time to admit that it's over. Here are 6 signs that your relationship is done.

31 Things That Instantly Make Men Hot
    These things make hot men even hotter.

What Type of Guy Dates Smart, Sexy, Confident Women?
    You're the complete package—don't settle for less in love your life.

Marie Claire Presents: Live First Date!
    Follow your favorite couple on a live first date!

Here's What the Future of Birth Control Looks Like
    Ready for barely-there contraception?

Escape From Couples Therapy
    Caitlin Moscatello's boyfriend suggested they see a counselor before getting engaged. What was the worse that could happen?

Sharing Your Password: Trust or Disaster?
    Should you share an email account with a significant other?

Which Couple Do You Choose?
    Which couple should go on a live first date?

Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Dorothy Parker Style
    Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Dorothy Parker Style, by mixing up a cocktail (or two). Check out for more lifestyle news and features.

Single on Valentine's Day? So Is Everyone Else
    Check out how the majority of people are single on Valentine's Day.

10 Reasons Why it Sucks to Have Your Birthday on Valentine’s Day
    Here are 10 reasons why it sucks to have your birthday on Valentine's Day. It's not just MY day, but every girl's day.

The Height Debate: Do Men Prefer Taller or Shorter Women?
    The stereotype that women prefer tall men—or at least, taller than she is—is no secret. The answer is just as simple for men, but in different way.

The 12 Stages of Valentine's Day, By Age
    Don't you miss the days of getting 26 Valentines from your classmates?

Why Men Cheat—Guys Tell All!
    The dish you're dying to hear—why do men cheat?

Marie Claire Presents: The Love Match!
    Help us match our three couples with their soul mates!

Do You Have a Healthy Sex Life?
    Healthy Sex Life

Social Media is Ruining Your Relationship (In Real Time)
    Check out how social media is ruining your relationship.

How One Author Found Her Happily Ever After
    How one author found her happily ever after.

32 Ways To Please a Woman
    Our guide to keeping your girl happy and your relationship healthy.

You're Not Going to Find Love With That Dating Checklist
    Why you should rethink your needs in a relationship.

Why Is College Dating So Screwed Up?
    In a digital world, things are getting a lot trickier.

Foods to Avoid on a Date (If You’re Planning to Hook Up Later)
    Foods not to eat on a date.

What Is He Really Saying?
    Having reading between the lines of your man's latest message? Relax! Marie Claire is here to help you decipher his wishy-washy words.

30 Signs You've Been in Your Relationship For a Ridiculously Long Time
    What happens when you get a little too comfortable in your relationship.

Dumped Recently? You're Probably Going to Have Revenge Sex

A Vibrating Alarm Clock? You're Officially Going to be a Morning Person!
    Wake up feeling rejuvenated with this vibrating alarm clock.

ICYMI: Men Forget Important Things
    Check out how men forget things.

Meet the 'Male Carrie Bradshaw'
    Daniel Jones, editor of The New York Times' popular column Modern Love and author of Love Illuminated: Exploring Life’s Most Mystifying Subject (With the Help of 50,000 Strangers), talks unpublished submissions and gives a peek into his own mode

23 Questions Every Twentysomething Asks Herself Once (23 Questions Every Twentysomething Asks Herself Once)
    Should I be online dating? How often do I change my sheets? Should I get bangs?

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