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Get the scoop on the hottest fashion trends from the editors of Marie Claire. See the latest fashion shows from your favorite designers and browse the hottest new fashion trends!

Manual of Style: Shine
    Lose the heavy metal this season — lighten up withtouches of gold, silver, and bronze, offset with something casual.

Manual of Style: Belts

Manual of Style: Headgear

Manual of Style: Shoes

Perfect New Jeans

Fashion: Women Run The World
    With a new era dawning at the U.N., we're indulging in a little fashion fantasy: Women run the world, and a new power dressing triumphs. All hail embellished suits, protocol-bending patterns, and radically feminine takes on classic jackets.

Hot New Accessories in Dubai
    Where else can you get your sheik on with the hot new accessories but in the desert wonderland of Dubai?

Spring's Key Color: Soft White
    Unlike the crisp, sharp whites of previous springs, this year's version is unexpectedly soft and romantic. Wear it head to toe, or mix it with what you already own to update your look.

The Hottest Cocktail Dresses
    Cocktail dresses pack tropical punch with exotic florals and mod graphic prints. The chaser? Edgy plastic accessories.

Spring Style: Survival of The Fittest
    Spring’s sci-fi styles touch down on the ancient Galapagos Islands, where Charles Darwin first pondered his theory of evolution. With their ultra-modern shapes and futuristic fabrics, they’re pretty proof of “survival of the fittest

Toxin-Free Nail Care

Popular Pastel Eyeshadow

The New Lip Balms

Choosing The Best Products

Trendy Denim

Truly Organic Cosmetics

Designer Clothes With Magic

Must-Have Bags

The Latest Spring Fragrances

10 Best Fashion Items

New Sunglasses

Get Your Glow On

Holistic Beauty Soaps

Dark Nail Polish

New Fragrances

Mark's Spring Makeup Kit

Coco Chanel's Favorite Perfumes

Fashion Tutorial: Hats, Headbands, Bandanas and More

Denim Style Guide: Prints + Jeans

Denim Style Guide: Future Trend + Jeans

Denim Style Guide: Sport Trend + Jeans

Designer Lipstick for Spring

Mineral Makeup
    Further proof that all-natural products are gaining in prestige: Makeup grande dame Laura Mercier has introduced a line of mineral makeup to satisfy beauty addicts and health nuts alike. Though chem-free, her MINERAL POWDER offers exceptional coverag

Shopping Music: How Stores Get You To Spend Pages: 2 3

Go Sporty!

Manual of Style: Ruffles and Chiffon

Manual of Style: Brocade

Manual of Style: Satin

Manual of Style: Sheer

Manual of Style: Pink

Manual of Style: Floral

10 Best Red Beauty Products

Dressed To Excess Pages: 2 3 4

Relaxing Aromatherapy Products

Skip The Eye Lift For Eyeshadow

Let Lips Shine In Gold Gloss

Beauty Obsessions and Confessions Pages: 2 3 4

How To Clean Out Your Closet

National Jean Company Event Gallery
    Is your pic in here? See if you were captured on film at the National Jeans Company event.

Recipe: The Delicious Night Martini
    Have a Delicious Night this Valentine's Day. p.i.n.k vodka has teemed up with Donna Karan's DKNY DELICIOUS NIGHT fragrance to create an edible version o

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