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Aphrodisiac Cocktail - The PAMA Kiss
    Serve him something hot this Valentine's Day

How to Throw a Party for Any Occasion Pages: 2
    You know how to throw a good party, but do you know what drinks can top it off? Here, tips from the experts on making the most of each occasion by pairing it with drinks that fit the bill.

How to Drink Whiskey Pages: 2
    A primer on whiskey.

Change Your Grape
    We know it's been a long day, and you need to unwind. But that's no excuse to drink like your mother. You're a woman-not a lady-so we've come up with some spirited alternatives to get you through the holiday season.

Fashion Mis-Statements
    In this age of label-mania, none of us want to cause a gaffe riot. Hence, our first ever Fashionista Pronunciation Guide.

The Swim (Don't Sink) Guide To Shopping (September 2006) Pages: 2 3

Accessory Confessional (September 2006)

Get What You Want Without Spending A Dime (August 2006) Pages: 2 3 4 5 6

How To Buy The Perfect Souvenir (July 2006)

Fragrance News: The Latest Invention
    Vera Wang's new vitamin-size fragrance capsules afford you about five dabs-a single dose-of WANG'S PRINCESS SCENT.

Beauty from the Inside Out

Go for Jet-Set Chic
    New H.Stern watches, the Sfera Arpoador collection

How To Break In New Shoes (June 2006)

How to Pack for a Weekend Trip (June 2006)
    Tips on how to stick to basics -- and still look smashing.

Discover Your Perfect Denim

Win a SkinVitals Gift Set

Walk In Heels Like A Supermodel (March 2006)

How To Score The IT Fashion Item of The Season (March 2006)

The Best Bras for Curvy Women
    Still looking for the perfect bra? Here are Ashley Falcon's top picks.

How to Take a Great Photograph
    Experts from the Digital Photo Academy lend their tips on taking the best photos.

How to Plant a Window Garden
    No backyard? No problem. Plant a window garden in these three simple steps.

How to Get Your Home's Glow On
    From bedroom to bathroom, Tamara Connor of Connor Brown Interior Design in Atlanta tells you the right way to light up a room.

How to Chic Up a Cheap Flea-Market Chair
    Jennifer Convy, host/designer of A&E's Find & Design, tells you step-by-step how to make that flea-market find look chic.

5 Ways To Gift Fab Favors
    5 Ways to Gift Fab Favors - Holiday party favors

How to Look More Feminine
    The Marie Claire fashion editors help you to look more feminine by choosing the right clothes to fit your body type and personality.

Establishing Your Own Style
    Marie Claire's fashion editors answer questions about how to figure out your own style and look put together yet modern.

Hemline How-to
    Marie Claire's fashion editors explain the broad range of skirt lengths for the fall season.

Post-Pregnancy Style
    The Marie Claire fashion editors answer your questions about style and trends for fashionable new mommies.

Timeless Classics
    Marie Claire's fashion editors tell you which wardrobe classics are essential for your closet.

Wardrobe Essentials for any Budget
    Marie Claire's fashion editors answer questions about wardrobe essentials that fit a small budget.

New Trends in Jewelry
    Let Marie Claire's fashion editors answer your questions.

The Perfect Jeans
    Let Marie Claire's fashion editors answer your questions.

Shades of Denim
    Marie Claire's fashion editors answer questions about which shades of denim are more trendy for the spring.

Post-Pregnancy Dressing
    Marie Claire's fashion editors tell you how to look sexy while losing that post-baby pounds.

Matching Your Bag and Shoes
    The Marie Claire fashion editors help you coordinate your accent pieces with what you're wearing.

Swimsuits for Every Body Type
    Marie Claire's fashion editors answer questions about swimsuits for different body types.

What Do Your Shoes Say About You? (April 2006) Pages: 2 3 4

Do You Look Fat? Pages: 2 3

Meet the MC Fashion Team!
    Meet the Marie Claire fashion team behind Fashion Diaries.

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