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Get the scoop on the hottest fashion trends from the editors of Marie Claire. See the latest fashion shows from your favorite designers and browse the hottest new fashion trends!

Bright Fantastic
    The ultimate turn-on: Bags and shoes in high-voltage shades. Wear just one color, or go for shocking contrast. Marie Claire has the slideshow.

Designer Dossier: Michael Kors
    For the Project Runway judge and native New Yorker, the perfect muse is a Hitchcock ice queen with a twist of Amy Winehouse.

Designer Dossier: Vera Wang
    While ruling her self-started $300 million Wang Dynasty, the empress wears leggings.

Designer Dossier: Anna Molinari
    Italy's beloved "Queen of the Roses" is sugar and spice and some bitchin' tattoos.

Designer Dossier: Jean Paul Gaultier
    Fashion's original enfant terrible is taking his school tactics and incredible talent on a world tour.

Designer Dossier: Derek Lam
    "Since I've given up smoking, I'll indulge in French toast. During the shows, I need to be smiling, not dieting!"

Designer Dossier: Francisco Costa
    "Keep it simple, sexy!" is the motto of minimalist master Francisco Costa. He's putting the wow back in easy-to-wear body dressing.

50 Fall Trends Under $100
    Gorgeous fall trends for under $100

Style Wish List: Urban Staples
    Marie Claire's Kathryn Floyd blends urban staples with Navajo edge

Gorgeous Jewels for Fall
    No longer just a fashion "extra," jewelry's in a starring role this fall, giving a spectacular - and not always pricey - boost to basics.

Real Women Try the Trend: Business Chic
    Dressing for the office now means putting oomph into structured classics with ladder-climbing accessories. Marie Claire shows you how.

12 Must-Have Fall Trends
    Fall fashion's many frames of mind.

Fall Fashion Under $100!
    Fall Fashion Under $100! - Cheap Fall Fashion

Style Wish List: Office Fashion
    MC Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts pushes the work-chic envelope.

Perfect Jeans for Every Shape
    Talk about wiggle room: There's a hot new pair of jeans for every body.

Click Today, Wear Tomorrow
    Shop online for these transitional pieces, and get a quick fall fix!

Fall Fashion Statements
    So many trends, so little time! As fall clothes start hitting stores, we asked designers what to look for. Listen up!

Sexy Jeans for the Evening
    After dark, think skinny shapes and shiny extras.

Denimology: How to Shop for Jeans
    How and what to buy now? We asked professional jean-iuses for a cheat sheet.

Find Your Signature Denim Style Pages: 2 3 4
    Take four of today's freshest designers with very different signature styles and see how they run with the most ordinary fabric: denim.

Casual Jeans for the Weekend
    Weekend denim rule: Color-balance faded jeans with punchy florals, plaids, even acids.

8 Tips to Double Your Closet Space
    Marie Claire has useful ideas to help you organize your closet space.

Black and White Accessories
    Amp up your classics — denim, too! — with beaming black-and-white accessories.

Hot Summer Trend: Bows
    Stay in the loop with the season's most ladylike embellishment.

9 Retro Staples to Add to Your Closet
    The vintage-loving designers behind the Vena Cava label pick their favorite looks for Marie Claire.

5 Ways to Look Fab on a Budget
    How can you overhaul your look without wrecking your budget? Here are Marie Claire's five tried-and-true tactics to help you achieve killer style on a dime.

Hot New Summer Color: Purple
    Violet Femmes: Only purple has both royal roots and rock cred (ask Prince!)

Fashion Under $100
    Fashion Under $100

MC Readers Try the Trend: Whites & Brights
    Marie Claire shows the various styles of short, sweet, eye-catching summer frocks.

Eco-Chic: Recycled Plastic Umbrellas

Under $100 Fashion Finds

Jewelry's Newest Trend: Animals
    Precious Pets

The Hottest Summer Bags and Shoes
    SHOES $69.95, Bakers; BAG $8195, Giorgio Armani; (212) 988-9191. NECKLACE $940, Iosselliani; for stores. SHOES $89.95, N.Y.L.A. Shoes; BAG $2065, Versace; for stores.
Fashion Prediction: Supersize Necklaces
    Hang loose with fall's hottest trend: supersize, baubleicious necklaces.

Fashion Trend: Purple
    Fashion Trend: Only purple has both royal roots and rock cred (ask Prince!)

What Dad Really Wants For Father's Day
    Great gifts for Dad - ties not included.

The Lady is a Vamp
    The femme fatale is on the prowl as '40s style slinks into fashion. Power shoulders, sassy flourishes, a classy mix of sexy and sweet. Hello, Lauren Bacall.

Click Today, Wear Tomorrow
    Sultry summer nights beckon: Shop online for some insta-dazzle!

14 Real Women, in 14 Real Dresses
    The fashion drumbeat signals the return of ethnic patterns to posh city parties.

BELL du Jour
    Stirring it up in the new Ashton Kutcher flick What Happens in Vegas, Lake Bell likes her swimwear anything but trashy.

Antiquity Chic Fashion
    A touch of classic: mosaic patterns, Roman sandals and beads.

Swimsuits for Every Body Shape and Budget

Bright Summer Cocktail Dresses
    Fluorescent, fluid, frozen-cocktail colors . . . that’s what summer fancy is all about.

Sexy Styles for Summer
    There's a sweet nothingness to summer's see-through fabrics: superfeminine, fairylike, and feather-light enough to layer to the hilt. Marie Claire shows you the sexy summer fashions.

Swimsuits for a Petite Body Shape
    Hothouse pinks and tiny prints make a big style statement for petite swimwear. Marie Claire shows you some great petite swimsuits.

Swimsuits for a Curvy Body Shape
    Flaunt a full figure with retro prints and screen-queen silhouettes. Marie Claire shows you swimwear for curvy figures.

Swimsuits for an Athletic Body Shape
    Toned figures score in attention-grabbing graphics and sporty cuts.

Real Women, Real Fashion: The Maxi Dress
    Take it to the max this spring with long flowing dresses.

So, You Really Want to Walk in These Heels?
    Sergio Rossi's creative director, Edmundo Castillo, talks to Marie Claire about heels, and swears you can walk in them -- comfortably -- if you follow his advice.

Online Shopping Discounts: Click Today, Wear Tomorrow
    All this hot stuff from arrived in recycled packaging!

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