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Get the scoop on the hottest fashion trends from the editors of Marie Claire. See the latest fashion shows from your favorite designers and browse the hottest new fashion trends!

Antiquity Chic Fashion
    A touch of classic: mosaic patterns, Roman sandals and beads.

Swimsuits for Every Body Shape and Budget

Bright Summer Cocktail Dresses
    Fluorescent, fluid, frozen-cocktail colors . . . that’s what summer fancy is all about.

Sexy Styles for Summer
    There's a sweet nothingness to summer's see-through fabrics: superfeminine, fairylike, and feather-light enough to layer to the hilt. Marie Claire shows you the sexy summer fashions.

Swimsuits for a Petite Body Shape
    Hothouse pinks and tiny prints make a big style statement for petite swimwear. Marie Claire shows you some great petite swimsuits.

Swimsuits for a Curvy Body Shape
    Flaunt a full figure with retro prints and screen-queen silhouettes. Marie Claire shows you swimwear for curvy figures.

Swimsuits for an Athletic Body Shape
    Toned figures score in attention-grabbing graphics and sporty cuts.

Real Women, Real Fashion: The Maxi Dress
    Take it to the max this spring with long flowing dresses.

So, You Really Want to Walk in These Heels?
    Sergio Rossi's creative director, Edmundo Castillo, talks to Marie Claire about heels, and swears you can walk in them -- comfortably -- if you follow his advice.

Online Shopping Discounts: Click Today, Wear Tomorrow
    All this hot stuff from arrived in recycled packaging!

Investment Pieces: Fashion 401(k)
    We're not saying you'll retire in these uber-classic pieces, but if you make the investment, they'll pay style dividends for years. Marie Claire has the fashion scoop.

The Best Bags of the Season
    We've done the shopping for you! Here is our massive gallery of fall bags.

WIN a Giveaway a Day!
    Enter to win fantastic prizes every day of the month! Comeback to enter everyday for more chances to win.

We Can't Believe They're All Under $100!
    Great spring pieces that won't break your budget.

Spring Shopping Guide
    Marie Claire has everything you'll need for spring, plus how to make the runway trends work for your shape and budget.

Hot Spring Trend: Feminine Charm
    Spring's quirky lady likes retro shapes, girls bags, shades of pale.

Wild West Fashion Statements
    Who needs Deadwood to remind us how wild the West was? This spring is a style rush of rowdy, romantic, outlaw chic.

Hot Spring Trend: Going Native
    Seek strong earth tones and ethno-glam for yoga retreats in Bali - or your local beach club.

Spring Fashion: Tropical Punch
    Bright stuff for garden parties - but keep stilettos off the grass!

What to Wear to a Wedding
    Your GF and her fiancé have decided on a quickie wedding - with you as witness. Here, a more-than-civil style solution, fit for photos

Fashion Wish List: Spring's Tribal Vibe
    MC Accessories Editor, Pina DelPercio feels spring's tribal vibe.

14 Real Women, in 14 Real Dresses
    MC readers try on the safari trend with cheeky animal prints and bush-jacket-inspired minis.

Win a trip to NYC and a $1,000 Shopping Spree!

Hot Spring Trend: Floral Prints
    We're in a garden state of mind with lush, colorful looks for fashion parties.

100 Fashion Must-Haves

We Can't Believe They're All Under $100!
    Great spring pieces that won't break your budget from Marie Claire.

Hot Spring Trend: Retro Remix
    We're mod about the groovy new graphics in classic shapes.

Green Style: Earth Day Refashioned
    Eco-chic -- from blue jeans to boudoir -- has never looked better.

Cool Guys Talk Fashion Pages: 2 3
    Mostly we dress to please ourselves and impress our GFs, but here we let the guys weigh in! Elia Zois, film director, discusses women's fashion.

Fashion Wish List: Casual Classics
    MC Market Director Kathryn Floyd covets these casual insta-classics.

Trend Alert: Safari Fashion Meets Park Avenue Classics
    Spring's fiercest look

Hot Spring Trend: Painterly Chic
    Release your creative genius by splattering yourself with strong colors and arty prints.

Online Shopping Discounts: Click Today, Wear Tomorrow
    Stuck at your desk? Check out these fab finds online right now.

Native Intelligence: The New Spring Sandals
    You're an instant member of spring's trendy tribe with strappy ethnic sandals that flaunt tropical colors and exotic skins

Hot Spring Trend: Sun-Washed
    The new tie-dye swaps psychedelic for subtle.

Outfit 911: Classic Fashion
    Invited by the boss to a BBQ at her house - tonight? Hit the shops at lunch for posh, preppy classics

Statement Pieces of the Season
    Here are the eight statement pieces of the season - the phenomenal floral top, intoxicating cocktail dress, evening shorts, wild trench, statement bag, and more to carry you through spring and beyond.

Style Wish List
    MC Fashion Director Tracy Taylor's must-have picks for spring.

Sheer Genius: Fashion's New Zen
    The simple grandeur of Vietnam's Ha Long Bay seems a fitting backdrop to fashion's elegant minimalism: soft-edge architectural shapes in textured silks and barely there colors. Very zen.

Fashion's Artistic Vision
    Is that a Warhol you're wearing? Designers dabbling in eye-catching painterly styles could bring out the exhibitionist in you.

Spring Trend: Urban Safari

California Dreamin': Get the Hippie Look
    Hippie days are here again. Adorning herself in luxe chiffon layers, flower-child prints, and leather and stone accessories, the Malibu bohemian becomes one with nature.

Spring Trend: Preppy Chic
    A remix of retro and Wasp-style.

Fashion Steals: Under $100
    Marie Claire features fashion items that are all less than $100.

The Maxi Dress Factor
    The full-length '70s-style sundress is the new staple for girls on the go. Pair with sexy sandals, and you're set for any occasion.

Hot Trend: Nouveau Boho
    Feel the free love in hippie prints and hang-loose shapes at summer raves and barbecues.

Outfit 911: What to Buy in a Style Emergency
    Got a sudden callback interview in the a.m.? Scoop up lady-exec classics in black and white tonight.

Retro Fabulous Fashion
    Designers are raiding vintage shops (and David Lynch flicks?) for ideas, producing quirky, glamorous clothes, worn defiantly disheveled.

Free For You Now

Who Really Dresses Us?
    We're a shopping-obsessed generation, spending billions a year, but how do the clothes we buy make it from the runway to the rack? Meet the tastemakers of America's most influential stores, who call the shots every season.

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