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Get the scoop on the hottest fashion trends from the editors of Marie Claire. See the latest fashion shows from your favorite designers and browse the hottest new fashion trends!

Denim Trend Report: Jeans for Every Size, Shape, Budget Pages: 2 3 4 5 6
    Hottest thing on two legs? Jeans, of course. Here, in our annual denim issue, the best pairs on the planet, both skinny and on the loose.

Hollywood Party Fashion
    How Lohan can you go? Flashy minis, shiny bags, and strappy heels aren't just for Hollywood club kids. Dazzle 'em in these inviting frocks.

Fashion for Every Budget
    Is that a beautiful bargain or a "beyond" designer piece? Keep 'em guessing without breaking the bank.

The Most Sensuous Summer Dresses
    The Most Sensuous Summer Dresses (all under $500).

Spring Trend: Oxfords

Swimwear Special: Suits for Every Size, Shape, and Budget

Swimwear for the Groovy Girl
    The season's gone wild for bold prints. Accessorize with wedges and aviators to nail this hippie look.

Swimsuit Special: Fit for the Beach

Swimwear for the Sporty Girl

The Best Floral Dresses of The Season
    Loose, easy, and unstructured as summer itself - here, the best dresses for you this season.

Swimwear for the Classic Girl
    Retro swimwear styles

Your Ultimate Beach Bag

Accessory Special
    The right accessory brings your wardrobe to a whole new cruising altitude. Here, first-class bags and shoes that see you way beyond security.

Treat Yourself Today

Makeup By Pucci

The Urban Turban

Summer Dresses For Your Inner Goddess
    Go barefoot and tap into your inner pagan with the latest flirty, fluid goddess dresses.

Go Go Gadget Girl Pages: 2 3 4 5

Hot New Tweezers
    Makeup maven Mally Roncal tolerates unwanted hair - on brows, chin, nose, wherever - even less than you do. Thus was born her Double Duty Perfect Tweezers, with a slanted end to yank coarse brow hairs and, at the other end, a pointy tip to nip

Stop and Smell the Cartier

Your Guide to Glamorous Swimwear
    Far too glamorous to actually swim in, the new retro-fabulous beach attire is so cool you'll want to wear it all weekend. Accessorize to the max, and it's dirty martinis till dawn.

The Best Spring Jackets for Every Shape and Budget
    The best spring jackets especially for you, regardless of your body shape and budget.

Spring Trend: Lucite

How To Shop For Vintage Jewelry (July 2006)

Time Zone: New Hot Watches

Go Go Gadget Girl Pages: 2 3 4 5

Get Tighter, Tanner Skin
    Cellulite shouldn't come between you and spring's hot microminis. Tighter and tanner skin-and diminished dimpling-is the aim of two new self-tanning lotions: NIVEA SUN-KISSED FIRMING MOISTURIZER and JERGENS NATURAL GLOW FIRMING DAILY MOISTURIZER.

20 Things To Get Before You're 40 (November 2006) Pages: 2

French Fashion

Scarf as an Accessory
    Let Marie Claire's fashion editors answer your questions.

How to Wear Stripes
    Let Marie Claire's fashion editors answer your questions.

Mixing Silver and Gold
    Let Marie Claire's fashion editors answer your questions.

Updating Last Season's Looks
    Marie Claire's fashion editors answer questions about how to update last season's looks.

Shoes on a Budget
    Marie Claire's fashion editors recommend an affordable, versatile, and chic shoe solution.

Get The Bag, Get The Beauty

Smooth Skin With Shea Butter

Shopping: Most Wanted

Get Your Skin In Shape
    Want to get your skin in great shape? Put it on a healthy diet, say the people behind Garnier Nutritioniste. This anti-oxidant-rich skincare line nurtures skin cells with lycopene, vitamin C, and magnesium. MC RECOMMENDS: SKIN RENEW DAILY REGENERATIN

Best Gadgets For You

2 Instant Closet Organizers

Spring Trend Preview

American Dressing
    Bold color, uncluttered lines, and a dash of denim show off our sporty, can-do spirit

Most Wanted: Trench Coats

6-Second Rules For Looking 5 Pounds Skinnier

10-Minute Way To Unearth Your Perfect Style
    Answer this: Which clothes do you feel most confident in? Pull them out of your closet. Then, scour old photos and pick ones in which you look great. Pull those outfits out, too. Together, these are the clothes that both flatter your body and just

Fashion, Romance and Everything Iceland

Manual of Style: Velvet

Manual of Style: Lace

Manual of Style: Knit

Manual of Style: Layering

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