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Take the guesswork out of putting your most stylish foot forward. Get the latest fashion tips and how to ideas from our experts!

What to Wear Around the World Pages: 2
    Embrace your inner jet-setter when you travel in style.

What to Wear for: The Corporate Career
    Bowl them over in the boardroom and still network at night with a sensational palette of silver, black, and blue.

Fashion for a Curvy Figure
    You've got it, so flaunt it. Show some skin and balance it with slimming black. Fall trends for every body. How Fitting!

What to Wear for a Weekend in the City
    Shopping, brunching, gallery-going with your most glam girlfriends? Military style classics - the new at-ease uniform.

What to Wear For: Business Travel
    Soft and crease-free does it when dressing for the plane and that first meeting straight off it!

What to Wear For: The Cool Job
    No promotions for pinstripe suits in your workplace. Layer on funky textures instead.

What to Wear for a Birthday Bash
    Let's get this party started . . . ELECTRIC-BRIGHT DRESSES have voltage to last through cake and ice cream and on to the club.

What to Wear to the Office: Working 9 to 5
    Why we love the '70s: Women stormed the workplace in sassy executive tunics, soft bow blouses, and pants! Paging Mary Tyler Moore. .

What to Wear for Club Hopping
    Front girl of your own band or a die-hard groupie, groove to ROCK-CHICK CHIC in skinny pants and skirts and black leather everything

10 Best Fashion Items for Work
    UNDER $100! Dark denim in tailored cuts is a smart new choice for the office. Watch your style stock soar.

Celebrity Fashion Finder: Ashley Judd

What to Wear for: a Night on the Town
    Consider them your Friday night brights: choose eye popping patterns, shocking colors, plus a big hit of black, and you're the evening's star.

What to Wear for: A Summer BBQ
    Casual's come out of its comfort zone: ETHNIC ACCENTS spice up geometric prints, floaty caftans, and embellished bags

What to Wear For: A Career Move
    In a season filled with funky, Pop-colored pieces, black and white classics say, "I'm cool, confident, corner-office material."

Figure Fixer: Keep Your Curves in Check
    This summer, we're livin' large in '60s-inspired tent dresses that flatter every figure and chest size

What To Wear For: Cannes Film Festival
    France's hottest red-carpet occasion inspires a sexy take on date dressing. The starlets' fave color: CÔTE D'AZUR BLUE

Celebrity Fashion Finder: Rachel Bilson

What To Wear For: The Kentucky Derby
    Southern-belle style at full gallop. You can bet on BLACK & WHITE classics-hats and bows de rigueur-for high-style events. Kentucky Derby

What to Wear Under Strapless Clothes
    Marie Claire's fashion editors help solve the dilemma of what underwear to wear.

What to Wear For: A Case of the Mondays
    Be queen of the corporate jungle.

What To Wear For: Coachella Music Festival
    Your look says, "I'm with the indie band": SWEET HIPPIE MEETS CITY CHICK

What To Wear For The Weekend

What To Wear for Brunch With The Girls

Celebrity Fashion Finder: Cameron Diaz

Power Fashion: Get Ahead With These Picks
    When it comes to work, there's something chic and professional about a power suit.

What To Wear To A Bridal Shower
    What to wear to a sunday bridal shower

Go From Desk To Date
    How to transform your workwear into a sexy night-out look without ever going home to change? It's easier than you think.

What to Wear for Work
    Neutrals say you're no-nonsense in the office. Peep-toes and pencil skirts suggest you're up for drinks after...

Work Fashion: Splurge vs Steal

What To Wear to See Your Ex-Boyfriend

What To Wear In Miami

What To Wear In Park City

What To Wear for Dinner With A Client
    Looks that mean “business after 5”?

What to Wear in San Francisco
    Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair -- and all over your hippie frocks.

The Night Shift: Hot Fashion For Work (October 2006)

10 Work-Wear Essentials
    Marie Claire's fashion editors help you make the transition from college student to office worker with ease and style.

Styles for Travel
    Marie Claire's fashion editors answer your question about styles for traveling.

Dressing for a Gala Event
    The Marie Claire fashion editors help you dress for the ball.

Camouflaging Extra Weight
    Marie Claire's fashion editors tell you how to dress great while losing weight.

Extending Your Work Wardrobe
    The Marie Claire fashion editors give your closet a total makeover.

Career Wardrobe Makeover
    The Marie Claire fashion editors give your closet a total makeover.

What to Wear for a Business Event
    Marie Claire helps you dress to impress for a formal dinner and football game.

Feminine Office Outfits
    Let Marie Claire's fashion editors answer your questions.

Classic Wedding Wear
    Marie Claire's helpful guidelines for choosing a classic style dress for the mother-of-the-bride.

Dressing Slimmer
    Let Marie Claire's fashion editors help you look your best while you're losing weight.

De-emphasizing a Heavy Bottom and Broad Shoulders
    Let Marie Claire's fashion editors answer your questions.

Building the Perfect Work Wardrobe
    The Marie Claire fashion editors tell you how to build your first professional wardrobe.

What To Wear To A Wedding
    Next month, I am attending a wedding in Savannah for one of my best girlfriends. On the invite, she requested dress to be "southern-style black tie." What does that mean?

Is Your Wardrobe Making You Fat? (March 2005)

Style School: What To Wear With Nude?

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