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How to Channel Your Inner Bad Girl
    So long, prim and pretty. One woman summons her wickedly cool alter ego -- and finds the makeup to match.

"I Went Prematurely Gray"
    It worked for Richard Gere, but when Maura Kelly went gray in her 20s, something had to be done.

Top 5 Smile-Boosters
    Want a perfect smile? Or at least a brighter one? Try our picks for the best whiteners and brushes on the market.

Brown Hair Colors
    From creamy caramel to dark chocolate, brunettes never looked so delicious! Here are the must-have style and beauty tips every brunette needs to maintain those luscious locks.

What Men Really Think of Brunettes
    Do men judge women by the color of their hair? We asked a real guy for his take.

Daringly Dark Brunettes
    The line between brunette and black blurs beautifully with the deepest of dark brown hairstyles.

Chocolate Brown Hair Colors
    As sweet and rich as the dessert it's named after, cocoa brown is Hollywood's color of choice when it comes to making a serious statement.

Creamy Caramel Brown Hair
    Want a hot new hairdo? Warm right up to this silky shade that's richly decadent with deep golden undertones.

Luscious Light Brown Hair Colors
    Blondes may think they have more fun, but that's only because they haven't tried this sexy shade of cool, breezy brunette.

What Guys Really Think of Blondes
    Do gentlemen really prefer blondes? We asked a real guy to get his take.

Seriously Sexy Dark Blondes
    Pics of the top dark blonde actresses in Hollywood.

Stunning Ash Blondes
    Nothing says "rock star" like a platinum, ashy blonde -- here's some major celeb hairstyle inspiration!

Beauty Secrets from the Real Moulin Rouge
    Forget Vegas. One woman finds her inner performer at the famed French cabaret.

Beauty Secrets from the Land of Eat, Pray, Love
    Marie Claire's beauty director ventures to where spa and spirituality meet head-on.

How to Get Rid of Brown Spots
    In search of an immaculate complexion, freckle face Ning Chao investigates the best treatments for a spectrum of skin tones.

Skincare Secrets from Around the World
    Achieve pore perfection with these trade secrets from tob facialists from around the world.

How Sex Can Make You More Beautiful
    Marie Claire's resident dermatologist and psychiatrist on the beauty of getting booty.

Beauty Snoop: Christina Hendricks Shares Her Beauty Secrets
    Mad Men's Christina Hendricks dishes advice, tips, and fave products.

Our Favorite Honey Blondes
    Pics of the top honey blonde actresses in Hollywood.

Rich Brown-Red Hair Colors
    Set yourself apart from the brunette pack -- subtle and sleek, a hint of red is all you need.

Famous Strawberry Blondes
    Pics of the top strawberry blonde actresses in Hollywood.

Can a Fake Tan Make You Look Slimmer?
    Can a fake tan really make you look thinner -- or is it just an illusion? Marie Claire investigates.

To-Die-For Copper Hair
    Copper, a classic hair shade, has been a showstopper for decades.

The Top 26 Blondes in Hollywood
    Pics of the top blonde actresses in Hollywood.

Your Ultimate Summer Skin Guide
    Cutting-edge sunscreens, skin-damage breakthroughs, and the truth about vitamin D.

What Guys Think of Redheads
    Like award-winning movie lighting, the right hair hue can flatter your complexion, even with no makeup. Here, how to find and keep your perfect shade of red.

Makeup Tips and Tricks for Redheads
    How does your hair color affect your makeup? Think of your hair as a picture frame. Different frames in different colors highlight particular aspects of the picture inside. Here are a few things for a girl with crimson locks to keep in mind.

Maintaining Color: Keep Your Red Red
    Like award-winning movie lighting, the right hair hue can flatter your complexion, even with no makeup. Here, how to find and keep your perfect shade of red.

Hair Pro's Top Tips for Summer Blondes
    With a new salon and A-list devotees from Naomi Watts to Tory Burch, highlights hero Marie Robinson shares her genius color secrets.

4 Ways to Take Years Off Your Eyes
    Undereye bags, dark circles, and crow's-feet -- defy these early signs of aging with the right eye cream and treatment.

Golden Light Red Hair Colors
    Golden Delicious: Strawberry blondes push platinum out of the way, proving that a splash of light red adds spice to honey-colored tresses.

Deep Ruby Hair Colors
    Deep, electric ruby, a hair color favored by female rock stars from L.A. to Edinburgh, is the one shade of red that can turn the girl-next-door into a vixen.

Is Red Right for You?
    Fiery russet, elegant ruby, or classic copper -- which suits you best? Here, pro tips for choosing your perfect hue and a no-fail strategy for making it last longer and stay truer.

The Best Travel-Size Beauty Products (May 2010)
    Big beauty buys in small, travel-friendly packages.

The Best Products for Your Hair Type (May 2010)
    Whether it's thick and curly or fine and damaged, we've got the top products to style your tresses.

Finding the Perfect Perfume (May 2010)
    More polarizing than politics, the wrong perfume can be a relationship deal-breaker. Fragrance-phobe Martha McCully sniffs out her soul mate.

Choosing the Right Hair Color (May 2010)
    Like award-winning movie lighting, the right hair hue can flatter your complexion, even with no makeup. Here, how to find your perfect shade.

4 Best At-Home Spa Products (April 2010)
    Skip town -- or stay local -- and treat yourself and a friend to one of these beautifying treatments.

The Best Foods for Better Skin
    New research indicates that the health of our skin is in our hands, or more specifically, what our hands put into our mouths.

Spa Treatments for a Healthy Scalp (April 2010)
    Why should skincare stop at the hairline? New scalp treatments get to the root of hair issues.

The Best Spa Products for Your Scalp
    The key to beautiful hair is maintaining clean, healthy skin underneath. Here are seven products that will whip your scalp into shape.

Are You Allergic to Your Beauty Products?
    Sensitive skin? It can probably be traced back to one of these culprit ingredients.

The 11 Best Products for Sensitive Skin
    Does your skin reject everything you slather on it? Try these 11 products for sensitive skin.

Miracle Beauty Products That Will Change Your Life
    We tried them, we loved them, we fought over them. Here's the 2010 MC short list of standout products for face, body, and hair.

New Spring Beauty Products
    From head to toe, here are the best beauty buys this season.

Bachelorette Party: The Perfect Girls' Night In
    Looking for the perfect venue for a bachelorette party, baby shower, or birthday party in New York? You're in luck!

5 Fashion Designers' Beauty Secrets
    Rocker chick or uptown girl: How do you translate your fashion sense into hair and makeup? Five designers share their beauty styling secrets.

Ballet-Inspired Makeup
    Dance fashion and ballerina buns are sweeping the runways -- femininity is the unstoppable theme. Here are the beauty basics for creating this soft, romantic look.

The Ultimate Spa Day (May 2010)
    MC's senior fashion director, Zanna Roberts Rassi, and her bachelorette party took to New York's Cowshed Spa for the quintessential girls' night in.

Is Your Skin Hormonal?
    Zits. Brown spots. Sagging. Forget PMS—now you can blame your hormones for bad skin, too.

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