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10 Winter Skin Myths
    Going numb from all the misinformation and bogus advice about winter-proofing your face and body? Here, top skin experts help us crack the cold-weather skin-care code.

Best Nude Makeup
    Neutral makeup lets skin be the star this spring.

Top 5 Spring Beauty Trends
    From prepster headbands to flirty pink pouts, beauty pros reveal the best runway hair and makeup trends to try right now.

Unisex Fragrances
    Like a tuxedo jacket on bare skin, these androgynous eaux won't dilute your sex appeal.

2010's Top Ten Beauty Innovations
    The most cutting-edge innovations that'll shape the new decade in beauty.

Ellen DeGeneres's Favorite Beauty Products
    Here's a list of beauty tools Ellen DeGeneres uses on set to achieve her laid-back look.

Ellen DeGeneres's Beauty Secrets
    The new American Idol judge and self-proclaimed "out of the box" beauty Ellen DeGeneres offers some comic relief on looking good in the spotlight.

How to Get Blake Lively's Hair Pages: 2
    Many stylists speculate on how to re-create December cover girl Blake Lively's perfectly tousled tresses. But for the real step-by-steps, MC went straight to the source.

What's Your Signature Scent?

Festive Holiday Makeup
    Celebrating 15 years of his visionary beauty brand, makeup maestro François Nars dreams up the most stunning, festive looks to rock right now.

15 Best Beauty Products of All Time
    The beauty tools on our must-have list.

10 Best Scents to Give — and Get!
    Even naked, she's wearing something designer... Catch our drift? Find her perfect perfume with Marie Claire's Fragrance Finder tool.

What Does Winter Smell Like? Pages: 2
    We visit Harry Slatkin, founder of a home fragrance empire, as he sniffs his way through Hong Kong, nailing down the scent of winter '07/'08.

Disney's First African-American Princess
    For the first time in the storied studio's animated history, an African-American princess takes the title role (Jasmine from 1992's Aladdin was the first ethnic princess), reinforcing the message en masse that black is beautiful.

Non-Prescription Retinoid Alternatives
    Not ready to ask your doc for a prescription? Try these over-the-counter anti-aging alternatives.

Anti-Aging Retinoids: Pros and Cons Pages: 2
    For years, prescription retinoids (face medications like Retin-A, Renova, and Tazorac that contain the vitamin A derivative) have been assumed to be the best antiaging products. Indeed, decades of clinical research show that they speed cell turnover

Get Great Skin in Two Weeks
    Radiant, smooth, and blemish-free skin: New face creams are claiming big improvements in just 14 days. But do they really deliver? Marie Claire editors test the new products.

The Ultimate Haircut: The New Bob
    Tips for achieving five runway-inspired styles with the layered bob.

How to Wear Green Eyeshadow
    Using the same glittering sage shadow on four models with different skin tones, Shiseido Artistic Director Dick Page shows that anyone can go green.

Best October Beauty Buys
    The best products to buy and try this October.

Girly vs. Boyish Style and Beauty
    There's a sexual revolution going on this season.

Getting Back to My Roots
    My mom is black, my dad is white, so where does that leave me...and my hair?

How to Get Longer, Thicker Hair
    The latest hair products borrow from skin creams and lash-growing serums to give you long, lusciously thick locks without extensions.

He Said/She Said: Should Your Guy Groom?

Chanel's Fall Makeup Trends
    The dusty colors of Venice's crumbling facades and the shadowy shades of its winding canals is the inspiration for the Chanel's fall makeup.

Foreign Beauty Report: Paris Pages: 2 3
    Forget the stereotypes: French women aren't all sexy, unshaven smokers in chignons. Ying Chu discovers the secrets to modern beauty in the City of Light.

Behind the Scenes: Model Behavior
    What does it take to be camera-ready? The glam girls from this season's Project Runway spin-off, Models of the Runway, share their beauty secrets

What I Love About Me: Montreal, Quebec
    The femmes of Montreal, Quebec, have a certain je ne sais quoi.

Easy Hairstyles
    Get gorgeous hair in an instant with these easy hairstyles.

Five Steps to Going Short
    Ready to take the short hair plunge? See Jeanette's transformation and get inspired!

Brunette Hairstyles
    Expert hair and hair color tips for brunette hairstyles.

September's Best Beauty Buys
    New beauty products to try and buy this month.

Blonde Hairstyles
    Expert hair and hair color tips for blonde hairstyles.

Backstage Beauty: Makeup Trends for Fall

Do These Beauty Supplements Really Work?
    Are the latest edible supplements for skin, hair, and body miracle cures or pretty placebos?

9 Best Perfumes
    Our all-time favorite fragrances.

Beauty Trend: Glam Makeup

13 Best Beauty Stores
    For beauty enthusiasts from coast-to-coast, here's our short list of shops for splurges and steals.

Extreme Beauty Report: Japan

Designer Fragrances: Message in a Bottle
    How do you bottle a sense of style? Designer perfumes are staging a comeback, showcasing a renewed synergy between fashion and fragrance

Get Shiny Hair
    Our quick & easy pro tips will help you have healthy-looking hair, no matter what your hair texture is.

This Month's Best Beauty Buys
    Marie Claire's picks for the best new beauty hits.

My Battle with Rosacea
    Over 14 million Americans suffer from rosacea—and the number of cases is steadily rising. Gretchen Voss reports on her own battle with the misunderstood, chronic skin condition.

The Best Products for Rosacea

You Can Buy Great Hair
    Our editors review products and services that give you the look you want.

What's the Most You've Spent on Beauty?
    Four women spill about their splurges.

Hair to Get You Hired
    You've proofread your resume and dry-cleaned your career separates, but a stiff job market means the slightest detail -- even the wrong updo -- can make or break your chances. Here, the hair that will help you land the job, no matter the field.

Step-by-Step Tips for Flawless At-Home Hair Color
    Manhattan's most sought-after color experts (grudgingly) reveal their secrets for getting $800 results -- from minor tone tweaks to platinum makeovers -- at home.

Making a Splash: A History of Designer Fragrance Muses
    Can you bottle a big-name star? Designers try to capture the essence of the most sensuous sirens, from Mae West to Madonna to Beyoncé.

This Month's Best Beauty Buys

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