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Layered Hairstyles

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles
    Half up, half down hairstyles for every woman - get hair tips and expert hairstyle advice.

Shoulder-Length Hairstyles
    Cute shoulder-length hairstyles for every woman -- get hair tips and expert hairstyle advice.

Bob Hairstyles
    Cute bob hairstyles for every woman - get hair tips and expert hairstyle advice.

15 Years of Celebrity Skincare
    From stars peddling zit zappers and foundations to tanorexics and bronzer-phobes, here's how we put our best face forward.

Top 10 Secrets from the Skin Experts Pages: 2 3
    The difference between pretty and knockout sexy? The feel-good factor. Skin experts spill their top 10 body-smoothing secrets -- for every inch of you.

The 5 New Rules of Beauty Pages: 2 3 4 5
    The 5 New Rules of Beauty

Our Favorite Hair Removal Products
    No budget for pro stripping? We tested scores of tools, creams, and waxes to devise a no-fail plan for fighting hairy situations at home.

Get Your Hair Healthy
    Can anything save your hair once the damage has been done? Wendy Lee attempts to restore hers to its former virtue.

Must-Have Products for Healthy Hair
    Check out these beauty products that will help undo the damage to your hair.

The Best Lipgloss Shades
    From L.A.'s perky hot pink to D.C.'s somber merlot, popular lip-gloss shades at shops across the country.

New Summer Beauty Products
    This month's ultimate refresh-your-routine guide from MC's beauty editors.

Solutions for Cystic Acne
    Courtney Allison, 26, talks to MC's resident derm and psychiatrist about hormonal acne and rosacea.

This Month's Best Beauty Buys
    Our favorite beauty picks for June.

Updo Hairstyles
    Cute updo hairstyles for every woman - get hair tips and expert hairstyle advice.

Products That Help Heal Laser Treatments
    Products that will help you look younger, faster.

What To Toss, Try & Buy
    Summer's ultimate refresh-your-routine guide from MC's beauty editors.

Wise Beauty Buys
    Affordable anti-aging solutions.

Best Summer Beauty Buys
    This month's best beauty picks.

International Hair Color Trends
    Americans want to look Brazilian, Mexicans want to look Colombian, and the French want to look like Julia Roberts. Women everywhere are abandoning their roots and reinventing themselves through hair color.

The Ultimate How-to Hair Guide

What Does Your Hair Say About You?
    What does your hair say about you? Marisa Meltzer finds that swapping bouncy curls for a sleek new 'do requires a style—and attitude—adjustment.

Beauty Products with Hormone Help
    Hormones in flux? Here are products to help your skin and body.

15 Years of Celebrity Hairstyles
    The unforgettable star styles that we copied for better or worse—cut, color, perm, and all—over the last decade-and-a-half.

12 Best Products for Curly Hair
    Pretty Sleek: These tools will help you get curls and waves in line at home.

Stylish Summer Scents
    See our list of this season's favorite scents.

Luxury Perfumes That Fit Your Budget
    Perfumers are finding new ways to reinvent themselves and offer up a true luxury you can afford right now.

Must-Have Haircuts for Every Woman
    What better time for an iconic haircut?

Why Does This Haircut Cost $1,000?
    Hairstylist Gretchen Monahan's $1000 hairstyling technique as experienced by a Marie Claire staffer.

Spring Cleaning for Your Makeup Bag
    If you haven't used it in a year, get rid of it. tells you how to clean out your makeup bag.

Is Your Skincare Routine Due for an Overhaul? talks about things every woman needs to keep skin healthy.

Lashing Out: Make Your Eyelashes Grow
    It turns out a glaucoma medication can make lashes grow longer. But should you really use it for cosmetic reasons? Joanne Chen does the honors.

5 Fave Beauty Products
    Marie Claire's Beauty Director, Ying Chu shares her primo beauty picks.

Brave New Botox
    A sculpted nose, wider eyes, smoother skin, perkier breasts, even a perfect smile . . . America's favorite wrinkle-zapper now claims to do it all. Is that a good thing?

Beauty Buys from Across the Globe
    Whether it’s that little blue Nivea tin or Labello lipgloss, finding an international beauty item while on vacation is like winning a treasure hunt.

The Career Lift
    The latest résumé boost? Cosmetic surgery. In an increasingly rough job market, Judith Newman finds that it pays to look good.

Has Your Makeup Expired?
    Chances are you are slathering on expired makeup. Find out when it's time to toss the products here, with's guide.

How to Improve Posture
    After years of back pain from high heels and cubicle life, Marie Claire's Ning Chao finally straightens herself out.

The Bold and the Beautiful
    Spring's brilliant fashion calls for the most daring shades -- and the attitude to match.

Beauty Products to Toss, Try & Buy Pages: 2 3 4
    This month's ultimate refresh-your-routine guide from MC's beauty editors.

This Month's Best Beauty Buys
    New beauty products to try and buy.

YOU, But Better
    Whether you want a more dazzling smile, Hollywood hair, fuller cleavage (without surgery!), or the confidence they bring, MC's 2009 best beauty boosters promise a radiant new you.

Get Your Dream Haircut (May 2005)

4 Hair-Straightening Secrets
    Marie Claire tells you how to get the hot-now sleek style, whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight.

I Want More Hair
    Can hair extensions turn a girl-next-door into a glamazon? Meredith Bryan goes to great lengths to find out.

I Want to Look My Age
    Tired of being mistaken for a teenager, Julia Scirotto signs up for makeup school to lose the little-sister look for good.

50 Best Hairstyle Secrets
    50 hair secrets for your best look ever - read, learn, do: and look gorgeous.

Hairstyle Handbook
    More than 150 hairstyles -- long, short, curly, wavy, and everything in between. Take curly hairstyles from day to night, learn how to get straight hair, and much more!

I Want Fuller Cleavage
    In a quest for bigger boobs - without surgery - Ning Chao flies to London for the latest injectable filler.

I Want a Confident Smile
    Round two with braces - and thankfully, no zits this time - gives Gretchen Voss something to grin about.

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