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8 Do's and Don'ts of At-Home Waxing
    how to wax at home

Submit Your Photo To Our Beauty Shrink!

Hot New Nail Colors for Summer
    Confetti colors for your pedi - just for kicks.

Stubborn Stretch Marks Be Gone
    Stubborn stretch marks stood between Ning Chao and bikini season. Here, Marie Claire tells you the techniques that got rid of them for good.

Eco-Chic: Organic Soy Nail Polish Remover
    Nail polish remover. Priti Organic Spa owner, Kim D’amato, created Priti Soy Based Polish Remover, a acetone free and completely organic non-toxic nail polish remover.Acetone (also known as

6 Must-Have Beauty Products

Summer-Proof Makeup
    New sweat-resistant formulas and won't-quit colors give maximum impact without the meltdowns.

33 Best Summer Beauty Products
    The products you need to get your skin summer-ready.

Organic Chemistry
    Global changes are wafting through the scent market. Prepare for the vanillization of America.

The Way We Wore It
    A look back at the biggest perfume milestones

Out, Damned Spot!
    Now if there were something she could do about those zits. . . Ariel Levy takes aim at acne with a costly new treatment.

Refresh Your Beauty Routine Pages: 2 3 4 5
    The ultimate refresh-your-routine guide from MC's beauty editors.

How to Get Volume, Shine, and Curls for Your Hair Pages: 2 3
    Dream of having the silky, shiny, perfect hair you see in shampoo ads? It's all due to secret pro tricks, and Marie Claire reveals them right here...

Facing the Big 3-0
    Hitting panic as she enters a new decade, Ying Chu considers the art of aging with just a little help.

Bare Necessities
    The products you need to get your skin summer-ready.

Hello Sunshine!
    Marie Claire's choices for the best sunscreens and tanning products this summer.

Summer Skin Care Guide
    Swimwear confidence starts with sexy, glowing, sun-guarded skin. Here, the lotions and treatments that get brilliant results.

The 10-Step Smart Aging Program
    Thirty-Something: The 10-Step Program for smart (and needle-free) aging

What Your Hair Says About You
    Dr. Amy Wechsler, MC's resident dermatologist and psychiatrist, analyzes 23-year-old policewoman-in-training Erica Carns.

Volume on the Runway
    High-volume hair is a hit this season. Marie Claire shows you the big manes at the fashion shows!

Eau Yes!
    Fragrance preferences vary from country to country - check out the international best sellers.

Border Crossing Beauty Tips
    Summer beauty advice from our northern neighbors

The Brave Face Pages: 2
    Diagnosed with disfiguring lupus at 12, Nicole Paxson channeled her frustrations into an innovative makeup line.

First Impressions: What Kind Do You Make?
    Dr. Amy Wechsler, MC's resident dermatologist and psychiatrist, analyzes 33-year-old Lesley Edwards-Gaither, from Springfield, OH.

Friends for Hire — Do You Need an Entourage? Pages: 2
    When it comes to an entourage, where does one draw the line between paid professional and trusted confidant? Erin Flaherty rolls with a full-time beauty crew to find out.

Get Greener Grooming: Eco-Friendly Beauty Products
    Get Greener Grooming: Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Is Botox Worth the Risk?
    Has recent controversy affected your decision to use them for wrinkle reduction?

What's Your Beauty Hot Spot?
    This includes spas, salons, shops and any other quasi-beauty-related noteworthy enterprises.

Could You Pull Off Model Makeup?
    How to get spring's dramatic new makeup looks.

Green and Gorgeous Pages: 2 3
    New makeup that’s as good for the planet as it is for you.

Beauty Bites: Can a Pill Make You Gorgeous? Pages: 2 3 4 5 6
    Can a pill really zap acne or smooth cellulite? NYC dietitian Keri Glassman evaluates new supplements and sorts the brilliant from the bogus, while brave MC editors test the pills to see what really work.

The World's Best Beauty Products
    Go abroad, send a friend, or surf online to snag one of these best-selling global grooming goodies.

My Best Friend’s Boob Job
    When my soul mate got breast implants, I had to wonder — what about me?

10 Signs You Need a Hair Makeover Pages: 2
    10 Signs You Need a Hair Makeover

Female Hair Loss: Thinning Hair Pages: 2
    Think hair loss happens only to men? 30 million American women are have thinning hair, and it's often a symptom of a serious illness.

10 Sexy Valentine's Day Hairstyles
    Whether you're having a candlelit dinner with your sweetie or raising hell with your single girlfriends, make sure you pair that little black dress with a sexy hairstyle that'll make your Valentine's Day extra sweet.

First Impressions: What Kind Do You Make?
    Dr. Amy Wechsler, MC's resident dermatologist and psychiatrist, analyzes 22-year-old Lydia Hamel, from Victoria, BC.

The A to Z Guide to Great Skin
    Get great skin now with these expert tips from Marie Claire.

What Does Your Look Reveal About You?
    Dr. Amy Wechsler, MC's resident dermatologist and psychiatrist, analyzes Julia DeWahl.

Hairstyles That Hide Flaws
    Hairstyles that hide flaws.

Are You Tanorexic?
    Why, despite guaranteed wrinkles and cancer risks, would 30 million Americans visit tanning salons each year? Because many of them are addicted - literally - to UV.

Hair Bleaching — the Hidden Horrors
    Everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Jennifer Aniston has lightened her locks while transitioning from ingenue to Alister. But upgrading to platinum is risky.

Don't Overpluck Those Brows
    Brow-grooming tends to bring out the OCD in everyone.

Suggest a Celebrity Hairstyle

How Beauty Savvy Are You?
    Are you a bona fide beauty guru? Find out your beauty IQ with this Marie Claire quiz.

Quick Makeup Tricks and Tips
    You're spiffy in a jiffy with these time-saving, multitasking wonders.

Beauty Excess: How Much Is Too Much? Pages: 2 3 4
    Over-bleaching, over-tweezing, over-Botoxing . . . The craze in upkeep has women so hooked, doctors and industry pros are now turning them away. Meredith Bryan reports

10 Commandments of Sinfully Rich Hair Color Pages: 2 3
    Tempted to try a DIY dye job? Whether you're headed toward blonde, red, or brunette, don't even crack open the box until you've read these expert tips.

Protect Your Teeth Against Over-Whitening
    These days, cosmetic dentistry is all about The Great White Way.

Winter-Proof Your Skin Pages: 2 3 4
    Don't flake out just 'cause the temperature's dropping. We asked the experts for the most effective skin-savers to keep you glowing till spring.

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